Local gas prices among Virginia's lowest

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By Staff Reports

Gasoline prices in Hillsville and Galax have plunged in recent days, with service stations in the Twin Counties offering some of the lowest-cost fuel in Virginia.
While officials at the American Automobile Association (AAA) fully expected that gas costs would work out to be six cents cheaper after the state gas taxes changed from a retail to wholesale tax, the drop seen in the per gallon price locally has moved aggressively lower, as if there might be a pricing war going on here.
Though not selling the cheapest gas in Virginia, service stations in the Twin Counties offered fuel for far less than the state average of $3.36 per gallon for regular, according to www.virginiagasprices.com, which asks individuals to report the per gallon cost in their area.
Offerings in Halifax and South Boston outpaced the price declines in the rest of the state, with one store selling gas for $2.72 per gallon as of Monday.
Cost per gallon in Hillsville and Galax moved to within one penny’s difference at some outlets, with $2.85 in the city being the lowest by a fraction, according to the website.
Local gas stations occupied the slots for fifth lowest in the state to tenth lowest, according to a chart on the website.
In contrast, the highest price reached all the way up to $4.29 in McLean.
Current per gallon fuel costs locally have fallen below the average price for gas in Virginia one year ago, which was $3.14, according to virginiagasprices.com.


An estimated 1.1 million Virginians will venture 50 miles or more from their homes to celebrate Independence Day, according to the holiday travel forecast of the American Automobile Association.
About 84 percent will be Virginia motorists.
“With close to 970,000 motorists hitting the roadways for the holiday weekend, everyone will have lots of company whenever they travel,” said Martha Meade of AAA.
“The busiest days are expected to be July 3 and 7, thus avoiding those, if possible, may help.”
The 2013 travel forecast is down minimally (1.4 percent) from 2012, predominantly due to a shorter holiday period.
“While holiday travel numbers have been increasing slowly but steadily overall since 2008, the slight decline for this July fourth is due to the fact that holiday falls on a Thursday, making a five-day trip the natural choice as opposed to the six-day option from last year.