Living in a divided nation

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Capitalism, free enterprise, greed, political warfare and a divided nation.
In addition to the Middle East, one country after the other falling apart with violence and no leadership, all for freedom and democracy. Some in Iran and North Korea want to play the nuclear card.
Now, there is the election this year for the next president.
Obama wants to keep his job. The GOP with its millionaires wants to take it away from him on issues of the economy, jobs, leadership. And who has the real concern for the poor?
The voting taxpayer and bread winner will have to put on their knee-high boots to wade through the political dung hill and sort through which candidates can say so much but deliver less, who hope the voter remembers nothing that was done to this country from years past.
Now this $15.5 trillion deficit our country has. How does it get reduced? Oh yes, on the backs of the poor and elderly.
Sock it to the consumer. Fuel for the car, heating oil prices up and away.
There’s one out there that would sell out their mother and this country for the almighty dollar.
People hear this slogan during and election: “take back the country.”
Old Glory hasn’t gone anywhere. It is the politicians that have left this great nation in debt, wandering in the daze of distrust, disgust and despair.
When one defends or dies for this country, there is no R or D after their name. God help us.
Mitchell Robinson