Littrell has worked hard for county

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Citizens in Carroll County will have the opportunity to vote for their supervisor in the Pipers Gap District at the upcoming election.
I encourage everyone to exercise the freedom to vote. My support is for Tom Littrell.
He has been a part of this board and has made significant growth for our county. He has showed leadership and also worked with other county and state employees to further the goals for our county.
We have always found him to be fair on all levels. Our son became an Eagle Scout under Doc’s leadership as his Scout Master.
Many young people in the area have received opportunities they would not have otherwise had if not for the leadership and generosity of Doc.
He is honest and has the courage to stand up for what is right and defend it. He has educated himself for the leadership roles through our state.
He has actively strived to get water and sewer to all of our interstate exits and many county communities that really have needed it. He has always been accessible when we have concerns about county issues.
Most of all, I respect him because he will represent the citizens of Carroll so that others can look upon our county and know that we have leadership that is respectful and honorable and can effectively carry on the business for our county and move us to the future.
Gina Isom