Letters to the Editor for 8/3/08

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If wronged, keep your faith strong

I am writing this letter as a reminder to myself as well as to possibly help others. I hope readers find peace with the contents.

Perhaps putting it into written words will sink the truth into my own heart. One can hope.

What do you do when you have been wronged by many people because, in their opinion, they could do the job better than you have?

What do you do when you have been lied about, and to, and talked about in circles that continuously grow?

What do you do when they have all decided you are the outsider, so of course they are right and you are wrong, which in their minds justifies gossip?

When they tell others they helped you once and it gets back to you that they have not done their good deeds in secret?

Most would say you have to fight back and defend yourself. Wrong answer. There’s no point in doing so. It only adds more fuel to their fire. More words to be twisted and retold.

The Lord is your counselor, and your judge. Therefore you do not have to DO anything.

When you have been wronged and lied about/to: let the Lord handle it. Don’t lose sleep over it. The truth comes out eventually.

They may try to hide the results, but if God be for you, who can be against you?

Jeannette S. Watt


BBQ competition volunteers praised

For four years I have been attending and judging the Smoke On The Mountain barbeque competition, and each year it keeps getting better and better.

Living in Collinsville, I consider Smoke On The Mountain my hometown event and take special pride in inviting teams and judges I meet at other events to attend and compete in Galax.

Ron Passmore, Carlene Poole, Shannon Dalton and the Carroll County High School Interact Club, and all the other team members and volunteers who work hard to make this event so enjoyable deserve highest praise.

The City of Galax merchants and council members are gracious to host the teams, judges and vendors right in the downtown area, thus allowing them to experience much of Galax’s charm.

Having judged Memphis barbeque for five years and having traveled all around the Southeast, I can assure you that Galax presents one of the best festivals anywhere.

The trophies are, without a doubt, the best in the nation for any cookoff, and are traffic-stoppers wherever they are displayed.

The local crowd was large and enthusiastic. The bands were great!

I do wish even more teams would compete, but with so many events vying for their time and with the economy as it is, team members must pick and choose carefully.

Regardless, the competition was fierce while friendly, and the barbeque was as good as I have had anywhere.

Congratulations to Jack’s Old South and Natural Born Grillers, grand champion and second place, respectively. I am already looking forward to next year’s Smoke On The Mountain.

Rev. George Hearn

Certified barbeque judge

Collinsville, Va.

No socialized medicine in U.S.

My open letter to Rep. Boucher:

In the U.S. House, Blue Dog Democrats are reviewing a private “compromise” that would advance

Obamacare to the House floor.

What’s with the closed-door, backroom deals being struck, right now, to push us to the brink of Obamacare this week?

Where is all the transparency that your boss said there would be?

No Obamacare socialized medicine for the U.S.!

We do have health care for all. No emergency room will deny anyone. One problem is the lawbreakers using ERs as doctor’s offices. It doesn’t seem as though any of you are doing anything about that.

Young healthy people don’t feel they need healthcare insurance. Wealthy people don’t need to worry about cost; they actually don’t need insurance. Some people cannot afford the costs.

We need more private healthcare insurance companies to bring down the costs.

Why don’t you all work to stop the waste, fraud, and abuse of Medicare and Medicaid? There’s a novel thought. Have any of you thought of that? Or done anything about it?

I am becoming physically ill at the thought of this monstrosity actually passing, and the total lack of leadership that “we the people” have allowed to happen.

Show some character and oppose socialized medicine in the U.S.

Georgette Lasorso


Saddened by vet's departure

Our family has been associated with Healing Springs Animal Hospital for 28 years, the entire time we have lived in Galax.

We have always been impressed with the caring and competence of the staff and the doctors.

The current situation saddens us, because we have the greatest respect for Dr. Rob Meinecke.

In fact, he is almost like one of our family. He has always been willing to go beyond the call of duty, even coming to our house to provide care for a cat every day while we were out of town.

When we had to make the difficult decision to end the lives of two of our animals, he shared our grief and helped us realize there was no alternative. He has the highest ethical and professional standards and is a great human being.

We appreciate all that Dr. Meinecke has meant to us and our animals over the years. We are very sorry that he will no longer be associated with Healing Springs Animal Hospital.

Mary Elizabeth Whartenby