Letters to the Editor for 8/17/09

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Officials deserve thanks

The Carroll County administrator and board of supervisors are well deserving of the encouragement of citizens of Carroll County.

In the past year this board and our administrator have taken Carroll County in such a positive direction.

We no longer pick up our newspaper to read about an argument or personal vendetta between board members.

We have progress for Carroll County like there has not been in so many, many years. As a citizen I believe Carroll County has a great future.

A year ago, the Woodlawn water project, regional water project, Exit 19 water and sewer project, Exit 1water and sewer project, all were a dream waiting to happen. Now they are reality.

The sensibility of this board to save the taxpayers’ money has amazed me. I have gone to many meetings. At one meeting a committee of three board members was formed to check on banking services for Carroll County.

When they reported back at the next meeting, there was one bank that added so many new services for the county, especially in the public service authority office. The benefits did not cost the county additional funds, but overall the efficiency amounted to the county not having to hire an extra employee.

Citizens can now pay water bills online, or pay with credit cards, debit cards and many other time-saving efforts for our PSA office staff.

Many may say this is silly to bring up, but good sound businessmen are what Carroll County is fortunate enough to have working for us.

If you have the opportunity to shake one of them's hand and say "thank you,” they deserve it.

County Administrator Gary Larrowe works tirelessly for this county. He is an honest Christian man and we are blessed to have him working for us.

Yes, he works for us, and he does his job with gratitude to this county. There's a little saying that “nice matters.”

Please take the time to tell these men you appreciate the job they are doing. May God Bless this beautiful mountain we get to call home and all those who strive to make it a better place — a place where we are fortunate enough to be able to live every day.

Gina Isom

Pipers Gap

Have respect for elderly drivers

I would like to respond to the person who commented in the Readers’ Hotline about having a “driving age limit” of age 80. This person needs to think that if they live long enough, they will be 80.

Do you want someone to take your permit? I don’t think so.

I think you need to have some respect for these people.

Garnet G. Stuart


Former manager thanks customers

I would like to thank all my customers at Dollar General in Fries for letting me be a part of your lives for the past five years.

I will greatly miss each of you, but you will always be in my heart and in my prayers.

God bless you. Fries is a wonderful and caring community.

Teresa McKnight