Letters to the Editor for 7/28/08

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I would like to say a word on behalf of the ladies tending the regional animal shelter.

They have difficult, dirty, thankless jobs, but I have always found them to be friendly and helpful.

Part of their job is protecting animals in their care. If a person is lurking outside the fence throwing “treats” to the inside, what way do the shelter attendants have of knowing whether the treats are good or something harmful?

Too bad the treat flinger didn’t volunteer to pick the ticks off the poor abandoned dog.

Some animals are at the shelter because their owners can no longer care for them. Some are lost, but the majority are abandoned.

Many are sick or injured, most are starving, but for a couple of weeks, they have food, shelter, care and a chance for a new life.

The sad fact is not all are adopted, but holding animals for a period of time longer than two weeks would require a larger facility and more help, or it may deny other animals an opportunity for a new life.

So, kind people, please take your treats and bagged food to the office during shelter open hours. I am sure they will be appreciated.

Nancy Cansler





During the past several days, the Grayson County Recreation Department sponsored two state baseball tournaments for ages 8-10 and ages 11-12. This has been quite a show.

Congratulations to all who helped in any way to make this event such a great success.

Every part of the operation was carried out in such a professional manner: preparation of the playing field; officials who umpired the games; the teams and their coaches; volunteers that gave so much of their time; vendors; fans; hospitality suite; and many, many others.

Many individuals from all over this commonwealth spoke on how well they had been treated and implied that Grayson County must be a very special place.

When an outstanding effort such as this is put forth to help young people, great rewards are in store. We should long remember that “a person never stood taller than when he stooped to help a child.”

Thanks again to all who helped make this such a special event.

Hundreds of children from all walks of life will leave us at the conclusion of this event. I know their thoughts must be: “WOW! What a special place provided for us to play ball. I would love to return.”

It is because of you Graysonites and others in Southwest Virginia that they were welcome and will be welcome again if the situation presents itself.

Sidney B. Harvey

Elk Creek





Thank you to the farmers and private landowners of Carroll and Grayson counties.

These folks let us use their private lands to hunt and run our beagles, coonhounds, etc., every year. Without them, a lot of our hunting and hound hunting traditions would not be possible.

The point of this letter is to let the farmers and private landowners know how much we appreciate everything you do for us and our hunting traditions.

So, as a sportsman, if you’re lucky enough to get permission to use a farm or private land, respect the wishes of the owner.

Take the time to pick up your trash and be mindful of the fences. If you see a problem with livestock or tree damage, let the farmer know. It helps them save time and money.

We would like to give special thanks to Andrews Farms and Keith Andrews for making our UKC beagle field trials a great success. Men, women and children of all ages enjoy them every year.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy hunting season. Good luck and God bless. For information call 233-2035 or 233-4639.

Carroll County Beagle Club

Chad Choate

Bruce Cruise

Neil Winesett





Thank you so much for having Smoke on the Mountain!

What a pleasure it is to come to a city that truly rolls out the red carpet with all the fringe.

I am always so impressed with the teenagers who help out all weekend. What a wonderful group of young people with values that I don’t often see.

Galax has always opened its heart to us barbecue freaks from the first contest four years ago. Who else would drive 425 miles each way to sit in a non air-conditioned, closed bank with no running water or bathrooms?

Only us dedicated, crazy and willing judges. What a treat to know that each year it gets better and better and you guys continue to top yourselves.

The reason we all come is your hospitality, hands down. That’s the buzz from the teams and all the judges. We come because of Galax.

I try to promote this contest everywhere I go because of what you guys do and how we are treated.

I am already looking forward to next year!

Terrie D’Amato

York, Pa.





My husband of 63 years is 85 years old, survived 25 missions as a tail gunner in a bomber in World War II and is now disabled.

In May, he wanted to honor his parents by placing bouquets of flowers on their graves. Since we live in Delaware, I asked my cousin to pick up the “saddle bouquet” of flowers from Martin’s Florist and take them to McKenzie Cemetery for us.

They were placed on the grave sites on May 15. When my cousin went back four days later to take pictures, not only were our flowers gone but also the flowers from one of our other relatives at another grave site.

Can you believe this?

Who would be so disrespectful as to steal flowers from a grave? What is this world coming to?

Betty Lawson

Lewes, Del.





I want to express my deepest appreciation to the Baywood Rescue Squad for the medical attention I received after taking a fall on Saturday at Smoke on the Mountain.

They were on top of the situation immediately and administered the proper first aid that I needed. They knew exactly what to do and did it quickly.

We are so fortunate to have these trained volunteers in our community, always available to care for us when accidents occur.

My thanks to all who were involved.

Doris White Carpenter