Letters to the Editor for 6/8/09

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Faith dog an example for Christians

Guest Editorial

The church is the most influential institution in the world. Psalm 122:1 states, “I was glad when they said unto me; let us go unto the house of the Lord.”

A sensible person turns to the church in the hour of need.

You need to come to church and bring someone with you. I was brought up in the church. There was never any doubt when the church door was open where I would be.

Our whole family walked to Corinth Methodist Church. My great-grandfather, Rev. Michael Smythers, donated the land, helped build and preached at this sacred building in the 1880s.

I have fond memories of Ethel Smythers playing the old pump organ, Mike Smythers shouting and shaking hands with everyone in the church, my Daddy leading those good old gospel singings, Rev. Burwanger singing bass on "Life's Evening is Sinking Low, A Few More Days and I Must Go," and good preaching.

Attending church was the thing to do. What has happened?

Corinth Methodist Church, along with many others, no longer exists. Church pews are empty in many areas. Fifty percent of people do not attend church and only 40 percent of Christians attend church regularly, except on special occasions.

Church attendance after the Sept. 11 attack was at an all-time high, but people got over it quickly.

We hear excuses why people do not attend. I wish people would follow the example of a collie dog called Old Faithful, owned by Debbie and Greg Rutherford, who are members of Atkins Memorial United Methodist Church in Fries.

She is 21 years old, lives one mile from the church, probably never feels good, yet she is always present at every scheduled church event. Why, I'm not sure, but she must feel better by being there because she keeps coming back.

She doesn't pick and choose; she is there for Sunday school, worship services, revivals, Bible study, choir and drama practices, weddings and funerals.

We recently had a funeral and she followed the congregation to the gravesite.

Old Faithful is always friendly, never looks at her watch, never criticizes others and is the last one to leave church. I believe she even likes the pastor.

I know what you are thinking. She attends because her owners, Debbie and Greg, are there. She is there whether they are in attendance or not, and she is always on time.

What a blessing it would be to everyone if we were as faithful to our church as Old Faithful.

We can be. Let's take advantage of the house that God built for us.

Charles Smythers

Atkins Memorial United Methodist Church, Fries

Deeds, Wagner endorsed

On Tuesday, Democrats in Virginia will vote in a Democratic primary and choose among three candidates for governor and between two candidates for lieutenant governor.

The winners will face the Republican candidates on Nov. 3 in the general election.

On June 9 you will vote at your regular voting precinct between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. Voting records will show that you voted as a Democrat in 2009 (because this is solely a Democratic primary).

All of the candidates are excellent and well qualified. I am voting for the candidates whom I feel understand our southwest region best and whom I think have the best chance of winning in November.

I am voting for Virginia Sen. Creigh Deeds for governor and Jody Wagner for lieutenant governor.

I feel they will carry the projects and ideals forward which U.S. Senator Mark Warner and Gov. Tim Kaine began.

I applaud them both. They are running for these governmental positions at a time when many in the public are so critical of political candidates and elected officials. I feel it shows their deep commitment to our state.

Call me if you have questions: (276) 744-7814.

Mary Lily Nuckolls

Grayson County, Oldtown Precinct

Ode to Pine Grove

I would like to tell what joys we had at our Pine Grove reunions on Memorial Day weekend.

Handshakes and hugs

Smiles and giggles

“Hi, cuz, thought I’d see you”

Jokes and laughs

Games and good music, too.

Suits, ties and jeans

Shorts, bibs and tees

Flip-flops and heels

All modes of dress

Hats, caps, you name it

Homecooked food, homemade pies

Old-time tales recalling days gone by.

Singing under the trees

Tents blowing in the breeze

Branch flowing by, preacher came by.

Hills of home

It’s been so long

Even now as I reminiscence,

It’s been so long.

So many missing, their voices stilled

Their work is done

So many more

Getting older and ill

“Glad you came”

“Good to see y’all”

Come back again.”

Wish we could.

Dorothy Stoots

Patrick Springs