Letters to the Editor for 6/22/09

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Sheriff supports church's efforts

The Blue Ridge Fellowship has been distributing posters throughout the area to advise everyone that beginning June 13, they would provide a place to cruise and park for the young people of this area (ages 13-20 only).

This program, designated as Cruisin’, will provide free food, fun and music from 7 to 10 p.m. in a safe, supervised environment at its location at 5357 Glendale Road, Woodlawn.

I commend Blue Ridge Fellowship for developing this program for the youth of our community so that they have a safe place to get together every Saturday and enjoy themselves at no cost.

This addresses many issues that teenagers and young adults face in our area during the current economic conditions by providing them with entertainment that is not only safe, but free and in a place where they are not only welcome, but invited to enjoy themselves each weekend.

I want to thank the congregation of Blue Ridge Fellowship for its generosity and concern in developing this program for our young people.

The sheriff’s office will be committed to assist them in any way that we can to make this program safe and successful.

H. Warren Manning

Sheriff of Carroll County

Not all prescriptions cheap

I needed an antibiotic. The doctor's office casually said to go to Wal-Mart — they probably would have it or a generic.

Since I do not have drug insurance and have to pay cash, I asked what I would be charged.

They gave me a price sheet showing the cash price on Augmentin at $160.36 for 20 tablets, and $60.54 for the generic brand.

They did not carry the drug prescribed (Augmentin 875 milligrams) but had a generic.

I thought the other stores would probably be about the same so, since I was there already, I went ahead and paid $60.54 for 20 tablets.

That huge mistake was mine!

Later I called Galax Pharmacy on another matter. I asked what they would charge for the same generic. They said the cash price for the same 20 tablets would be $30.

When Wal-Mart quotes all these $4 prescriptions, it is not exactly true.

Those are mostly for drugs covered by insurance plans which pay the same amount toward the drug, no matter which pharmacy you use, so there can be no price gouging of those covered by Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

Sadly, it’s the underprivileged and people like me who can’t afford and don’t have drug insurance that get caught in this trap.

Opal Clifton