Letters to the Editor for 6/21/10

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Saving shelter animals
Upon visiting the regional animal shelter in Galax last week, I learned that there is a great need for help to those who sit on death row. Animals, in particular.
A mere $15 would save a life, no matter which one — an adorable kitten who sits among others with that look of "knowing I'm going to die unless you help me" in their eye, or a dog with that "same look."
Why are we not going to the pound? Does it bother us to look into their faces and see the hopelessness?
These creatures do not belong us. They are made by God, and in the image of God, as we are.
They have two eyes, a nose, a heart, a set of lungs, and are all individuals, all needing mercy and hope.
For a mere $15 you could bypass that meal you were willing to pay for eating out, or cut your cigarettes in half this month, and buy a life instead.
For that fee, you'll get half off the spay or neuter fee. What a deal!
And always, there is "someone" looking for your mercy there.
Sheri Morgan

Taxes, fees too high in hard times
Most people in Grayson County know me as the person that wrote about the high electric bills. I am still working on that problem by studying windmills and generators.
I went today to purchase a county tag for my truck — wow, $48.
I thought Boone, N.C., was a costly place to live. I enjoy Grayson County and just about everyone will throw their hands up when you drive by. How long will it be before we are taxed for waving at someone?
I am a strong conservative Republican, and we need to write someone in government to ask why would [a locality] charge more taxes and tag fees when times are hard.
I know the Virginia Department of Transportation suffered this year by blowing the budget because of the bad weather. My thoughts and prayers go out to the men and women that worked so hard.
Hey, for the record, my budget is getting blown, too, by government.
I have been welcomed by many neighbors but it seems the government wants me to leave. Someone help out and explain why in hard times we get hit harder?
I cant wait till the economy comes back. Maybe then I can afford to live here.
Local people, we need to do something before it gets out of hand. That means Republicans and Democrats. We all are God’s children. Call your local government
Ernie McGuire

Gazette's 'quality reporting' appreciated
I remember while being on the Galax City School Board in the late 1970s, that reading a report of a meeting the next day would have all of us wondering where that reporter had been on the night in question, as nothing written hardly ever resembled the actual meeting.
Last week, my sister and I spent about an hour with your reporter, April Wright , discussing the book on Galax that was soon to be available.
What was published was so accurate that it renews my faith in the future of newspapers. April and your other writers have learned their task well and The Gazette readers should be proud to have such high quality reporting, week after week.
Many of the people buying books at the recent weekend festival mentioned seeing the article in the paper and how it caused them to come to town to buy a copy of the book.
Thanks for your help.
John Nunn
Judy Nunn Alley