Letters to the Editor for 5/3/10

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Show could not go on

I wish to address the concerns expressed by a Grayson County High School Chorus parent regarding this year’s spring musical cancellation.

It was a disheartening but appropriate decision based upon rational consideration.

While Grayson County Schools have missed comparable amounts of snow days in the past, this year differs greatly due to three consecutive weeks of school being missed directly preceding the production. Attempts to hold rehearsal on cancelled days resulted in inadequate attendance.

Every attempt was made to explore rescheduling the musical, but conflicts with other schoolee'related functions and contractual limitations from our licensing agency eliminated these possibilities.

Rescheduling would have resulted in us incurring fees disadvantageous to the program’s future. This is extremely important considering the serious climate of our current school budget.

It should be noted that the planning for a major performance was always a priority. As extreme circumstances dictated that the musical had to be canceled, plans for showcasing the talents of the students were being arranged.

I met with Principal Bobby Cheeks, Assistant Choral Director Teresa Nale, accompanist and choral assistant Lynn Roberts, and consultant and former choral director Carolyn Davis in this decision-making process.

As a last resort, it was agreed to by all parties listed above. These individuals feel strongly that this was the best and most appropriate action.

Often, unpopular decisions must be made in order to protect the interests of all. Continuing the production in its original state could have compromised the quality of musical experience for our students.

It is not part of my educational philosophy to place students in a situation of potential failure. Students deserve the opportunity to put on an outstanding and sufficiently-rehearsed production and will have this opportunity with a similar performance in late spring.

I appreciate the concern of this parent, and invite anyone with concerns to speak with me in person. Our choral booster association meetings are every second Monday in the chorus rehearsal room at 7 p.m.

Scott A. Smith

Director of Choral Music Education

Grayson County High School

Where does Boucher stand on healthcare?

This letter was addressed to Rep. Rick Boucher.

Last week, Richard Foster, the Obama Administration's chief Medicare actuary, released a study of the new health care law which "provides a detailed, rigorous analysis of the law," according to the New York Times.

He expects that 15 percent of hospital budgets may be driven into deficits, thus "possibly jeopardizing access to care for beneficiaries" as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

What impact will the health care law have on the hospitals in Southwest Virginia? Do hospitals have endowments that they can draw upon to make up the shortfall from increased demand for their services by covering the previously uninsured at the same time the reimbursement for services is being reduced by the federal and state governments?

Your letters to me dated Feb. 2 and March 31 stated your opposition to the new health care law.

But I am puzzled. I spoke with your staff on March 15 and March 19, and they told me you were "undecided" as to how you were going to vote on March 21?

Why was that? Did Speaker Pelosi ask you to sit on the fence in case she needed your vote?

Maybe it is like our mothers told us. Sometimes we are judged by the company that we keep.

What will happen to the financial condition of the hospitals in Southwest Virginia and their ability to provide services in the future for citizens in this area?

John Rosser

Elk Creek