Letters to the Editor for 5/25/09

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'Junk' not what it seems

In response to the May 18, “Junkyard ruining Cana,” by definition, entrepreneur means, “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”

The junkyard in Cana has been in business since 1986. As the sign near the state line indicates, “Entering Virginia’s Entrepreneurial Region,” that is just what owners of the junkyard are, entrepreneurs.

Junk includes cars that are rebuildable or running; and garbage trucks that are operable, street sweepers, fire trucks, bulldozers, backhoes, or any running, operable, or rebuildable equipment or vehicles.

Most is not pleasing to look at. This, however, does not qualify these pieces as junk.

How would any citizen know if these items are junk unless they were on property without owners’ permission?

Did you crank or attempt to crank any vehicles?

How do you know if these are operable?

Carroll County has provided incentives to businesses from out of state to locate in the area. After such an investment, businesses are now bankrupt.

Local businesses have been left out of the free money giveaway. If concerned citizens ran a multi-million dollar business, they would probably not have time to be concerned with what others are doing to make money, as they would be making it themselves.

Carroll is beautiful, but also rural and poor. With unemployment soaring, the establishment and maintenance of small businesses should be encouraged by county officials and not hindered by them.

It does not make sense that traffic is being routed out of the Town of Hillsville. Has anyone thought about what this will do to local businesses?

As taxpayers and landowners, local junkyard owners are entitled to own and utilize their property and all appurtenances that go along with property ownership.

There is no zoning in Cana and, if zoning laws are passed, owners would be grandfathered in as they have been in business for 20+ years.

Cars and equipment are not pleasing to look at, but neither are produce stands, pottery businesses, gas stations, orchards that spray chemicals, and flea markets.

Take these things away and there will be no Cana!

Mandy Patton


Junkyards are eyesores

Thank you, Scott Richardson, for your letter about the junkyards on U.S. 52 in Cana.  You put into words what I have wanted to say for approximately four years.

There are so many junked cars, trucks, school buses, fire trucks, dump trucks, etc., almost spilling onto the highway that I once blew my car horn thinking a car was entering the highway in front of me, only to discover it was just “dumped” so close to the roadway that it gave the impression it was coming onto the road.

Why is this allowed to be? Isn’t this not only terrible to look at, but also a hazard? 

To say these junkyards give people the wrong impression of Cana is an understatement.  You know exactly when you have crossed the state line from North Carolina into Cana, Va., just by seeing all the junk.

Recently I had relatives visit Cana for the first time and felt very angry and embarrassed when all they could say was “my, that’s a mess” when viewing this disaster on U.S. 52.

Everyone has a right to operate a business, but no one has the right to have that business impact everyone else with such an eyesore.

Get your vehicles behind a solid fence and off the shoulder of U.S. 52.  I like my town and want to be spared seeing this mess on a daily basis.

And, it’s getting worse. Board of supervisors, do something! Please!

Karen DeClerico