Letters to the Editor for 5/24/10

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Slavery not only cause

Gov. Robert McDonnell's designation of April as Confederate Heritage Month evoked mixed reactions, as it did when former Gov. George Allen did likewise.

I am disappointed that some people want to deny citizens of Confederate lineage the opportunity to honor their forefathers by paying special tribute to them in the month of April or on special occasions.

I am very proud to be an American, love my American flag and fly it often, even at times other than holidays, but I have a beautiful Confederate flag and fly it on special occasions along with my American flag, to honor my ancestors who fought for a cause in which they believed so strongly that they sacrificed everything they had — even their lives.

I dare say most of us find the concept of slavery abhorrent, but when the Civil War Era is studied, we find there were issues other than slavery on the minds of “the flower of Southern youth” who fought under that banner.

Letters and diaries of those young soldiers indicate they were fighting to protect their homes and their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. It was more about economic rivalry than slavery.

I hope all Americans will stand up for the right to honor their heritage, remembering that those who fought so valiantly in that terrible war believed completely in their cause and had an entirely different perspective from what we have today.

Jean Kyle Hedges


Remember reason for Memorial Day

This year, let’s get it right.

Memorial Day is NOT the time to honor all veterans. Nov. 11, Veterans Day, is the day for that.

Memorial Day was set aside to remember and honor those who made the supreme sacrifice and gave their lives to defend our freedoms.

Let’s focus on that on May 31.

Larry N. Johnson

Fancy Gap

Vote out all Grayson supervisors

Regarding the Grayson County supervisors' call for a 44 percent increase in real estate taxes: this happens after nine years of financial mismanagement, during which time they consistently overestimated revenue and overspent accordingly.

Now they have hired a financial consultant for more than $5,000 to tell them what the Grayson County treasurer has been telling them all this time: They don't have enough money to keep spending like this.

The bad news did not deter them from buying a $30,000 garbage truck last month. A business owner in Independence tells me that the county dump, where people could haul their own stuff and pay a fee, is now barricaded.

This is nuts!

Supervisors rammed through an unfair land use tax after a public hearing in which opponents greatly outnumbered supporters.

They gave us a state prison that didn't happen, and a school that can't open.

Meanwhile, beautiful old homes are falling to pieces in Grayson County. Owners die off and their children can't afford to live here.

One way to start solving the problem, albeit slowly, is to vote the present board out. Every man jack. Every time a post falls vacant.

And get somebody who cares about Grayson County to run for public office.

Kyle Noble


Booster club thanks community

The Grayson County Athletic Boosters Club thanks local businesses for their contributions to our 17th annual spring raffle and silent auction.

We want to extend our gratitude to all the ticket buyers and volunteers that helped to make our raffle a success.

We understand that many sacrifices were made throughout this past school year. However, it seems that tough economic times bring out the best in people in this area.

The raffle and auction raised much-needed funds for our athletic program. We want our supporters to take pride in knowing that they are contributing to the lives of our student athletes at Grayson County High School.

The boosters club invites area residents to become a part of the association in continuing this effort for the 2010ee'2011 school year.

Shannon Lawrence


Grayson County Athletic Boosters Club