Letters to the Editor for 5/17/10

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Tax hike poorly timed

Wait one minute, the Grayson County Board of Supervisors is considering a jump in our real estate taxes to help them balance our county budget.

Is this the same group that voted to remodel and build two area schools, one of which cannot be opened because someone did not do their homework?

The Gazette reported that the county began in 2008 borrowing money to pay day-to-day expenses. Now our supervisors want a $4 million line of credit, and wanted to renegotiate the school construction loan.

And now the bad part. Because of, shall we say, bad planning and decision-making, Grayson county citizens must face a significant financial challenge, just to try to pay real estate taxes, their water bill, not to mention their electricity bills that have soared in recent months.

Stop and think a minute. Our area has been hard hit with plant closings and high unemployment. A great number of our county citizens who did receive unemployment checks are no longer eligible to receive benefits, and jobs are few.

And many of our Grayson county citizens are senior citizens on fixed incomes, with no 20 percent increase in their Social Security checks to help them balance their budgets. Exactly where are our Grayson county citizens who cannot pay their bills now going to get this money to pay these higher taxes?

Yes, it sounds like Grayson County is in a hole, and sometimes you have to work hard to get out of that hole — not one year, not three years, but be reasonable in these bad economic times.

Can’t we do better in planning and not hurt citizens that are already economically challenged? Let’s not spend, spend, spend. It may look good and sound good, but do we really need it?

Try to come up with a better solution. What happened in 2008 that we started borrowing just to pay our day-to-day bills sounds like a problem that was not addressed properly then. And now yes, Grayson County is truly in a hole.

Pat Rector


Grayson school board supported son

We just wanted to thank each and every one of the Grayson County School Board members for working on behalf of our son, Parker.

Chairman Misty Cassell and school board members Gary Burris, Hobert Bailey and Shannon Holdaway went above and beyond their duties to ensure Parker's success.

It has come to our attention that when we thanked Gary Burris for speaking up about saving teaching positions in an article in The Gazette's April 23 edition that the intent of that sentence was misinterpreted.

We do not want the intent of the article to be taken in a negative manner. The sentence specifically referred to recent newspaper articles in which Gary Burris was quoted extensively, indicating his displeasure in losing some of Grayson County's valued teachers because of economic cutbacks.

We thank everyone for their continued support of our son and his education.

Tim and Candi Carico


Fire department, community thanked

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Galax Volunteer Fire Department, Pipers Gap Rescue Squad, American Red Cross, Galax CVS employees, area churches, our community and neighbors, and to all of our family and friends during the loss of our home to fire.

Thanks to everyone for your kindness, help and generosity.

Freddie and Christine Delp


Donors helped mail carriers' food drive

All the mail carriers at the Galax Post Office would like to thank everyone who donated food on May 8 to our annual food drive.

At Galax, we collected approximately 4,230 lbs. of food, which was given to Willing Partners for their its bank.

We would especially like to thank the AmeriCorps group from Carroll County Public School System for its help in sorting the food when the carriers returned from their routes.

Margie Austin and mail carriers

Galax Post Office