Letters to the Editor for 4/6/09

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Boucher voting record 'pro-abortion'

At a town hall meeting in March, Rep. Rick Boucher responded to questions about the inappropriately named Freedom of Choice Act.

He stated opposition to radical proee'abortion provisions in question and denied that such a bill existed.

In a letter to a constituent March 10, Boucher wrote, “No legislation entitled the Freedom of Choice Act has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. There is no legislation pending before the House by that name, nor has any action been taken by any House committee or by the full House of Representatives on such a measure. Any information you may have received to the contrary is inaccurate.”

Boucher’s statements are grossly misleading. In 2007 he co-sponsored the Freedom of Choice Act (HB 1964).

His bill would have made unlimited abortions the law. It would have overturned proee'life restrictions on abortion including partialee'birth, parental notification or involvement, and informed consent laws.

Taxpayer money would be used for funding abortions both here and in foreign countries. Boucher’s proposed bill provided no protection for medical professionals or institutions that perform abortions — called the conscience clause.

That clause protects doctors, hospitals and medical professionals who do not want to be involved in abortions due to their beliefs.

Under threat of veto, Boucher’s bill was not brought to vote in the previous session. However, on March 6, 2009, Rep. Jerrold Nadler said the bill will be reee'introduced “sooner rather than later with a few minor tweaks,” and that Sen. Boxer would introduce a companion bill in the Senate.

In a speech to Planned Parenthood, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama stated, “The Freedom of Choice Act will be the first bill I sign as president.”

Rep. Boucher has a 100 percent proee'abortion voting record. He has a 100 percent approval rating from ACLU, proee'abortion NARAL, and Planned Parenthood. He has a 15% approval rating from Christian Coalition and a zero rating from National Right to Life.

Many constituents and some churches in the 9th District are pleading with Mr. Boucher to reconsider his radical proee'abortion positions. I encourage folks to do the same.

Ted Reavis

Fancy Gap

Rescue squad member questions suspension

I am trying to figure out why that I have been suspended from activities on the grounds of Laurel Rescue Squad — such as pancake suppers or fundraisers —when a registered sex offender is able to go to events and activities at Laurel Rescue or the school.

In August I was suspended over three complaints. I resigned Aug. 28 and have a letter from the county acknowledging it, but still have a suspension over my head.

I have no legal charges or anything on me.

In 2007 and 2008, I had three complaints against me while I was captain. One was from a member that was put off the squad.

When she turned her equipment in, that’s when she made her complaint. I brought a witness to the EMS board meeting in February 2009 to let the board know the complaint wasn’t true.

On the last complaint, I had a signed letter from the person who complained, asking to have her complaint dropped. She has contacted the county to have the complaint dropped.

I went to the EMS Board meeting and it was a joke. Myself and five other people went at the advice of the board chairman, under the impression of a fair trial. That was a joke.

I had seven letters from respectable citizens of Carroll County, from Hillsville Police Department, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, officers and members of Laurel Rescue Squad, and members of the amateur radio group.

I still do not know why I am not able to use my skills for Carroll County, not only in rescue but emergency communications.

I have been in rescue for over 25 years with no problems.

Even the Town of Hillsville can speak on my behalf.

I find it’s a joke and a shame that a county needing volunteers’ help in the EMS realm can be so petty. I have given proof on the two complaints that they were false.

So when you hear of a fundraiser at Laurel, sit there and think that someone who resigned because of [this] has been suspended and can’t step foot on the grounds of Laurel.

Jeffrey T. Sexton


Carroll administrator addresses accusations

Carroll County’s response to letter concerning Rescue Squad Member

Carroll County’s administration had multiple phases of investigations on the actions of the rescue squad captain that included the assistant commonwealth attorney, the director of emergency services and county administrator.

There were multiple chances given to correct the issues, and the complaints continued coming in to the administrator’s office over the period of at least six months.

As a way to protect the rescue squad captain, the particular issues cannot be discussed, however the captain did resign completely on his own once faced with the situation from two board of supervisors members, the director of emergency services and county administrator.

This meeting did not take place until after several previous meetings, deliberations and corrective measures were taken.

Once the captain resigned, he was immediately suspended from operating Carroll County Emergency Services equipment or being on Carroll County property associated with Emergency Services in the future for actions not becoming that of a volunteer rescue squad member and especially a person in a leadership role.

The former member wished to return to the service ranks of the squad, however the suspension stood and he was not allowed to return.

The situation was appealed to the Emergency Services Board who met in closed session to hear the former member.

No action to overrule the administrator’s decision and allow the suspension to be lifted took place.  It is the responsibility of the Carroll County Board of Supervisors and the Emergency Services Board and County Administrator to take actions (or no action) that keep the integrity of the volunteer system in place. We feel as if the county has acted in a prudent and reasonable manner as a result.

The Emergency Service volunteers in Carroll County are highly praised for their dedicated service and tremendous value to Carroll County.

It is the desire of Carroll County to support and keep the best professional service to the community, medical (patient care), moral and ethical volunteer system in place for all Emergency Services in Carroll County. 

Gary Larrowe

Carroll County Administrator