Letters to the Editor for 4/27/09

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Thousands of animals euthanized

This information is to let everyone know how many pets are euthanized each year right in your own community.

The statistics for dogs and cats for 2008 for Carroll and Grayson counties and Galax show there were 1,000 owner surrenders, 784 strays, 202 reclaimed by their owners, and 214 were adopted.

The total was 1,928, of which 1,479 were euthanized. This means that 76.7 percent of dogs that entered the shelter were euthanized.

For cats, there were 1,415 owner surrenders, 133 strays, 12 reclaimed by their owners, and 31 were adopted. The total was 1591, of which 1,537 or 96.6 percent of cats that entered the shelter were euthanized.

I’m not trying to place blame on animal control. They did not surrender all of these animals.

Take time to find homes for these animals. Have your pets spayed and neutered. This is a one-time fee and can save the life of your pet and help to keep it from wandering away.

This will control the pet population. There are several Web sites that allow free ads online and trade papers to place free ads.

Have your pet spayed or neutered. Adopt. Don’t buy a pet.

John Witt

Max Meadows

Americans living in difficult times

In the difficult time this country is going through, the American people continue to hear there must be more sacrifices, times will get worse before they get better and there is a ray of hope in a changing economy. Let us hope so.

The recent overseas trips by the president concerned everything from trade to fighting, and the very violent and deadly drug cartel on our southern border with Mexico.

Overshadowing the trips was two dictators he met. One he bowed to and the other was a vile anti-American leader who gave him a book on American imperialism.

Concerning trade, the proposed federal budget on trade and energy will only raise electric bills twofold. Any member of Congress with half a brain will or should vote against it. Enough of this free trade garbage and focus on fair trade.

Meanwhile, back here in this country are sad and terrible acts of violence upon law enforcement, families wiped out due in part by the economy. A 46 percent increase in sexual abuse, and more guns and ammo being bought more than ever.

The concern is about the government pushing for more gun control. That remains to be seen.

One news story is the hijacking and seizure of ships off the coast of Somalia. There should be no debate. Arm all vessels and shoot on sight.

The pirates, like terrorists, know only one thing – strength and firepower. They will think twice before attacking.

May the good Lord bless and guide and direct this country.

Mitchell Robinson