Letters to the Editor for 3/23/09

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Listen to constituents' opinions

Once again, we have in Grayson County a prime example of our county supervisors voting in opposition to the will of the people. See “Grayson approves Spirit Harbor request,” March 16.

For the past 20 years, governments on every level have repeatedly and consistently voted contrary to the will of the majority of the people.

This amounts to taxation without representation and disenfranchisement. Last time this happened, our forefathers fought a revolution over it. Think it won’t happen again? Think again!

We have a representative form of government. This means that we, the people, elect someone to represent us and to vote our voice.

The job of every legislative official is to constantly poll constituents to find how the majority of people feel on every issue.

Then the obligation of that official is to vote accordingly, even if the official knows the result to be wrong.

It is a duty to vote the will of the people, regardless of the will of political party or own personal will.

We do not elect officials in this country to do our thinking for us. We elect them to give us a voice.

Elected officials, there is unrest among the citizens. I advise you to begin doing your duty and vote the voice of the people, not that of your political party, nor what you think is best for your constituency.

And I advise you to begin doing it immediately. Remember, you work for us and are answerable to us, the people. You do not rule over us, we rule over you. You are our servant. Got it?

Citizens of Grayson County, I urge you to begin keeping count of the times all our elected officials rule in direct contrast to the will of the majority of the people and, come next election, vote out the weasels who refuse to do the will of the people and vote in someone who will.

Maybe then we will have responsible representatives, not party puppets or elected officials who think that we voters are idiots.

Lynn Merrell

Elk Creek

Unite to save Hillsville VDOT

This is to encourage organizations and individuals to work to save the Hillsville residency of the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Our VDOT should not be moved to other areas or combined with any other town, city or county. Everyone should participate. Do petitions, group visits, letters, signs, resolutions and more.

Carroll County has always had the best VDOT and road care. VDOT jobs and work involve a lot of history and pride in Carroll County. It provides critical service and excellent jobs with benefits. Why lose this to another area?

Carroll is a large, underee'served, diverse, mountainous area with a lot of roads. Service is extremely important — best served by proven assets in Hillsville. Citizens should not let this basic program and family employment be taken away.

Operating out of Martinsville? This makes no sense.

What happens when we have an unexpected ice storm, or a VDOT truck breaks down or workers travel to Martinsville, get equipment and then come back? This cannot be a cost saver.

Neither do we need independent contractors to replace our citizen workers and harm our families and economy. Why allow bureaucrats to arbitrarily destroy a successful, vital and ongoing project?

Meanwhile, we seem to rightly do anything to try to get more jobs in Carroll County and now we lose an established success — one government program that really does work.

We pay taxes. We need to keep VDOT in Hillsville for our service, economy, safety, jobs, and future — especially for our school children on buses with sudden winter storms.

Cut expenses but not totally on Carroll County. Virginia might use some of the stimulus money to help VDOT stay sound.

If you want to keep VDOT you will have to work at it, now. Attend hearings. Make your views known. Ask all of your elected officials at all levels to put a stop to this unwise move.

Once it goes, it will never come back! It can be done. Do not let government damage our VDOT office, employees and vital services.

Arden Huff