Letters to the Editor for 12/7/09

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We will bear burden of health care

Within the health care bill under debate in the U.S. Senate are requirements for states to take on more expense for Medicaid.

Federal law requires state and local governments to balance their budgets every year, but there is no such requirement for the federal government, which is why the feds can keep printing more money or borrowing it from another country to spend outlandishly.

The increase in percentage of Medicaid that states will be required to pay means those governments will have to make serious cutbacks to comply.

This can include education; infrastructure projects (especially ones where the community is required to have a “matching amount” to qualify for grants; Medicaid help with Medicare premiums that low-income people need; social services such as home health care and transportation; payroll for government positions (or layoffs), including road crews; cutbacks in health/life insurance coverage, and the list goes on.

The only way governments can help themselves out of the well that this administration has continued to dig deeper on a daily basis is to implement tax increases on home owners, businesses, personal and real properties, state and local sales taxes on everything you purchase.

When President Obama took office, he attempted to reassure the populace that no new federal taxes would be imposed. But he left the door wide open for state and local governments to implement their own tax increases. And every single state immediately increased taxes on personal and real properties, cigarettes, alcohol, and everything else they could lay their hands on.

The situation is only going to get worse because of this health care bill because even more of the responsibility for funding it will be laid right in the lap of the states, and that money has to come from the people who live within that state.

For those of you who are still lucky enough to have a job, this burden will solely on your shoulders.

Antoinette Hackler