Letters to the Editor for 12/22/08

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Real tree looks better

I think the county made the right decision to remove the artificial Christmas tree from the middle of the sidewalk on the Old Carroll County Courthouse lawn.

I can understand their concern about the safety hazard.

In this day and time of lawsuits, if someone tripped over one of the stakes or cables holding up the artificial Christmas tree, the county would have been held responsible.

Besides the safety hazard, the artificial tree was blocking the whole sidewalk and the orange tape on the cables did not help the looks of the tree.

Looking at the old Carroll County Courthouse lawn now with the lights on the real Christmas tree lit up and the sidewalk not blocked anymore, the lawn looks 100 percent better.

It looks good enough to be a picture on a Hallmark Christmas card.

Thank you, county administrator and county supervisors. You made the right decision.

Jerry W. Cooper



Goodbye, good riddance to 2008

Reflecting on 2008 is nothing to write home about.

Scandals, rip-off of taxpayers’ money, politics and the real world collide, unemployment despair, worries and keeping a roof over one’s head, food on the table and paying the bills — all burden the heart and mind.

Particularly if you have a family, a quick tour of our county is nothing short of heartbreaking, sad and disgusting.

From the halls of Congress, the Oval Office and the private sector, it seems that time has come to a standstill. Our nation is like a sailboat upon the ocean. No wind or rudder to move her along.

American people continue to endure and shake their heads when crooks, thieves and liars are bailed out to the tune of billions of dollars and there’s less concern of working people, a pay check and healthcare.

Making headlines now is not “who’s first,” who said what about whom or Uncle Sam is broke. But, it is “pay to play” through the selling of public office, breach of trust and a governor worried more about his paycheck than the state of his people.

This year also brings attention to the brave souls and heroes that have been killed in the line of duty to protect and serve the public — law enforcement, firefighters and our military.

And the ones that help in the area year-round to the less fortunate. Churches, charities and silent givers. For 2009, let us pray, hope and trust it will be better and brighter for all.

In this precious time when we remember the birth of our Lord, let us take heart that He lives forever and He will always be with us, even until the end of the world. And, because He lives, we can face tomorrow.

Mitchell Robinson

Galax Gazette