Letters to the Editor for 10/6/08

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Spend more time with children

My family and I read with dismay in the Readers’ Hotline regarding the Grayson County High School and Fries Middle School students whose parents took them out of school due to bullying and harassment.

Our hearts go out to these families.

The time a child spends with his or her parents has a direct impact on the child’s character and moral fiber.

Today, children spend way too much time away from their parents, immersed in a world of television, computer games (which are often violent) and a flurry of text messages. Many associate with other youths who are bad influences.

Look, parents. We only have 18 years with our children before they go to college or are on their own. And if we live, hopefully, into our 90s, 18 years is the blink of an eye.

We have 18 years to mold their characters so they will be honorable, independent, compassionate adults.

Our local home-school group is predominantly Christian and covers seven counties. Any child who participates in our social activities is welcomed with warmth and acceptance. Homeschoolers respect their parents and each other.

Bullying and harassment in our home-school group are nonee'existent.

Homeschoolers’ behavior mirrors the fact that their parents invest a great deal of time in them and teach them proper behavior. This, in turn, strengthens the family bond.

Even if you cannot home-school, make every effort to be involved in your children’s education. Get to know their teachers and administrators. Participate any way you can and, above all, spend time with your children.

There are currently over 27,000 homeschoolers in Virginia and over 2 million. Our home-school families possess a wealth of experience and information that we are eager to share.

If you have questions about home-schooling, please contact Tori Lindberg at (276) 236-8888, or me at sgleasonLS.net.

Susan Gleason




McCain's record one to be proud of

This is in response to Mary Woods’ letter.

Apparently you don’t know anything about John McCain.

John McCain has given his entire adult life for this country. As a Navy pilot, he put himself in harm’s way and was shot down over Vietnam. John McCain was held prisoner of war for over five years.

John McCain is a hero of this country. Not many people can walk in this man’s shoes. Obama is not one of them.

Now, here’s a question for you. Who was it that picked a lady for vice president? (Answer: John McCain).

McCain is the only one running for president who can get us back on the right track.

McCain and Sarah Palin are the best pick for the League of Women Voters, you, and everyone else.

Duane K. Lovelady