Letters to the Editor for 10/27/08

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Much at stake in election

This is probably the most important presidential race of our lifetime —certainly if we are 75 years young or younger.

Nearly everything we care about is at stake: our personal, and collective economies, the health of our only planet, the essential future of our children, the real and perceived notions of a global threat not just towards us, but towards one another across the landscape of ideas and the sense of belonging to a place.

We as a world need to belong to one another, need to accept that getting along is better than not, and easier.

Watching the current cycle of political debate, I have become depressed by the McCain-Palin devotion to dividing us, their lies and insinuations that have plumbed the depths of fear, prejudice and utter disregard for the best of us.

Have we not had enough already? Obama is not a divider, but one who is clearly interested in working not only across the aisle, but across oceans as well.

The very idea of “might makes right” is old and worn out. He offers the altruistic construct: working together towards a common goal, a passion to work with, not against, the intellect and energy that engages us all, regardless of our background or tax bracket.

Those of you who worry about the race issue need to be reminded that Obama’s mother, and the grandparents that reared him are white. Yes, he had an African father, and identifies himself as African American.

But this is what makes him uniquely suited to be an international spokesperson for our country in a way that is needed.

He is a man that bridges race, geography and history. He has the attention of the world.

This is why he is endorsed by many high-ranking Republicans, why he has excited the color blind youth of our country, why he draws the energy of hope.

We have an opportunity to give him the chance to pull us together. And lest we forget, Ralph Stanley is happy to have Obama for his next prez.

Scott Jackson-Ricketts




Next president will inherit a mess

The election of the next president 2008 is not about Joe the Plumber, lipstick on a pig or the bygone years of George W. Bush.

It is about you, your family, the growing numbers of single bread-winners and a job that pays a decent wage with a better paycheck.

During a national election, there is this so-called October surprise. Well, this time is a horror story with close encounters of greed, fraud and an evil heart.

Mortgage companies and lenders went belly up. People lost homes, their life’s savings and nothing left but broken nests, dreams and faith in the system.

Here again shows government ineffectiveness.

A political storm rages as to whether to call it a bailout.

What a sad, dark and shameful time when the American way is cheaper by a bunch of lowlifes who have connections to the powers-that-be who themselves are scorned, lampooned and ridiculed by the public.

It is a national disgrace where people are thrown out on the street, lost everything they made and no place to lay one’s head.

Right now, the national debt is $11.5 trillion dollars, there’s layoffs and cutbacks, and revenues to the government and states are at a record level.

The next president will have a full plate with a host of serious problems.

As for the defense and the protection of our great nation, there is no tea party. Our military is the best. Let’s keep it that way.

Most who care about this country will exercise your right to vote. So many paid a high cost of life for you to do that. Do not let them down.

Prayers and thoughts continue for the least among us. The poor, elderly, abused and neglected. God bless America.

Mitchell Robinson





McCain is a true American

As for the election, Obama agreed with his pastor of 20 years who said, “God da-- America.”

My pastors for 60 years said, “God Bless America” and Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Obama believes in abortions. I don’t.

Obama believes in distributing the wealth of those who work hard for a better life. Obama, that is socialism.

Obama wants to tax, tax, tax and government to spend, spend. We need less government controls, not more.

I am proud to vote for a true American, John McCain and Sarah Palin for president and vice president. I don’t agree with all McCain says but I believe nothing Obama and his wife say.

I for one do not consider Obama to be an American. Who was Barrack Hussein Obama’s father and was he an American? Was the father there when he was born in Hawaii?

May God bless America.

Fran Halsey





McCain better suited to lead

I am a patriotic American who is mad as a hornet.

I am tired of listening to liberal media that decide what I need to know instead of reporting the truth and letting me decide what to believe.

I have watched the liberal media give coverage and encouragement to a man running for president who is living the American dream, but who wants to change America.

He wants me to work hard, so he and an even bigger government can decide how best to give my money away to others.

He is not patriotic, he does not have experience, his ideas are so far to the liberal left that they seem bizarre, and his background and associates are questionable.

I have watched the liberal media criticize and at times ignore a true American patriot and hero, John McCain. He has sacrificed greatly for his country.

McCain has been a leader for years and has always put country first. There is no question about his integrity, honor and dignity. He can be trusted to do what he believes is right.

Words seem to flow out of Obama’s mouth. He is the most extreme left liberal that has ever run for president. We still don’t know much about Obama except what he has written about himself.

[Some have questioned] that he is American-born which, if true, would disqualify him for the office of president. His belief in three-quarters abortion goes against the Declaration of Independence, which states that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are right to life.

If a president doesn’t believe in these rights, then how can he believe in other laws for protection of citizens?

He wants to take away our right to own guns. But most of all, don’t forget the hatred that Obama sat in his church and listened to for almost 20 years.

According to reports, Preacher Wright —I would not call him reverend —spilled extreme hate toward the white race, so how can Obama govern without prejudice? No way.

Marvin McMillian





Airport commission should resign

Thank you, Del. Carrico, for suggesting that each member of the current airport commission resign.

With the current commission members, the airport is going nowhere.

New individuals need to take over the reins who are sincerely interested in the progress and success of making the airport serve communities that support it.

They should be individuals who are dedicated to the success of aviation in the area and understand the implications of having a wellee'run, safe, and attractive facility of which the communities that support it can be proud.

I suggest appointing at least one female member. Women have a track record of getting things done in a sensible and efficient manner.

Members should have term lengths. Most governing bodies do not serve indefinitely and this commission should have rotating terms —for example, two years, four years, and six years—with reappointments made appropriately from jurisdictions that support the airport.

Emily Gile





Residents report chemical effects

Thanks to the Grayson County residents who have taken responsibility to stand up for their rights. We will continue to fight for clean air, land, water.

We have had reports from county residents who have experienced hundreds of dead bees, birds, fish in spraying areas.

And reports of spraying on private property, some resulting in animals going down, asthma reports, some report smelling particulate matter in the air from end to end of the county.

The lung cancer of one person, who never smoked/drank and ate only farm-raised food, was reported after continual aerial spraying.

A couple, surrounded on three sides by tree farms, reported malformed animal fetuses/health problems. Contamination of a well resulted in [an animal’s] death. There is also a report of animals going into bizarre behavior.

Chemical tanks were observed being cleaned into a creek feeding an animal farm. Tree wastes were piled near a creek and slowly dumped into it. I have seen a deformed tree grove, contaminated after only two plantings.

A report of landscape bushes dying in one day after a spraying, and a vehicle that passed through a spraying area could not be washed after passing through the car wash twice. Incidents of peeling paint on buildings having new warranties.

Hunters report sick deer and wildlife in sprayed areas. The noticeable lack of fireflies, peep toads in tree farm areas and the steady stream of walk-ins at health clinics and herb shops reporting chemical exposure, all point to what is happening in our environment.

The above list is only part of what folks are telling me, sometimes in tears, most in fear. Some have moved away. Those with family farms are distraught.

Be aware that we have an attorney ready to handle cases, who has already won cases of pesticide issues. There are always options, if you step forward.

We must fight for our right to clean air, water, land just as our forefathers did. Are we less courageous than they were?

Rev. Theresa Rogers

Elk Creek