Letters to the Editor for 10/20/08

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Sutherland backed for board

The late beloved U.S. House of Representatives speaker Tip O’Neill is famous for his “all politics is local” opinion. Even in national election years, his idea continues to be increasingly true.

Right here in Grayson County’s Elk Creek District there’s a spirited threeee'way supervisor’s race, with quality candidates in the running.

The board of supervisors wields tremendous power in local governing and in charting a forward direction for our county.

I want to add my support to that of many fellow citizens in urging the election of Brenda Sutherland as Elk Creek District supervisor.

She’s enjoyed a brilliant career as a teacher, coach, and personnel director for her school system.

Yet, all along, Brenda Sutherland continues to faithfully serve and give back to her community in many beneficial ways. She serves on the community policy and management team appointed by the board of supervisors. She’s an active Elk Creek Fire Department Auxiliary member, and she chairs the Elk Creek watershed committee.

Each year, Brenda, along with her husband and son, Richard and Matthew, offer their farm as the site for the areaee'wide special needs olympics and fishing rodeo. Hundreds attend and participate.

Brenda and her family share their faith commitment at Elk Creek’s Lebanon United Methodist Church.

I think it’s always a special moment in our community life when an individual, uniquely qualified, steps forward to offer themselves for public service.

Brenda Sutherland, in my opinion, represents that type of person. I sincerely and genuinely encourage Elk Creek District voters to elect Brenda as our supervisor.

John A. Duvall

Comers Rock



SWVa has golden opportunity

As election day approaches, economic opportunity becomes evident for Southwest Virginia. Many of our decades-old manufacturing jobs are gone.

As of July, the unemployment rate in the Twin Counties was approaching 8 percent. Most of those jobs have disappeared in the past seven years or so, since George W. Bush has been president, and as a result of failed Republican policies.

Even though both major parties must share the blame for the failures of massive job losses relating to our free trade agreements, it must be noted that during Clinton’s term as president, millions of new jobs were created in the U.S., while the average family income increased by $7,500 a year.

Since George Bush has been president, wages for the average displaced worker are now 30 percent less than the job that was lost, and the average family income has dropped by $2,000 per year. Most manufacturing jobs are gone forever, and even many of the service related jobs are in danger of going offshore.

We have a golden opportunity with Barack Obama and Mark Warner in the upcoming elections. Both have a strong vision for the future of America, relating to alternative energy development and creation of jobs.

Warner will key in on locating many of the new alternative energy technology jobs here in Virginia, many in the more rural areas, such as Grayson and Carroll counties, to take advantage of lower rural labor cost.

There is no way America can begin to move forward via job creation with continued gridlock of a Republican president and a Democratic Congress.

Both Obama and Warner are on the same page relating to alternative energy job opportunities, but both must be elected for progress to move forward.

Mark Warner has a proven track record as our former governor of the number-one managed state.

Let’s avoid government gridlock, by electing the whole Democratic team so America and Virginia can once again move forward in a positive direction.

John Lynch





Candidate would do a good job

I support Brenda Sutherland as candidate for Grayson County Supervisor from Elk Creek District. Brenda will do an excellent job.

She attended Alleghany High School and Radford College and university. Having worked in Alleghany Schools as teacher assistant, high school teacher, coach, and central office administrator, she has experience to understand and address problems faced by our schools.

Brenda is currently enrolled in the “innovative leadership, building community connections” course at Crossroads Institute.

Asked what she believes is the most important issue, Brenda told me “the loss of businesses and employment. Some of our folks are driving a tremendous number of miles to work. We need job opportunities for our citizens, especially our children, so they can come back after getting their education and lead a productive life and help lead our county. We are losing our kids.”

Asked what the supervisors can do to help the local economy, Brenda said “the board should encourage and support businesses and work with legislators and residents to bring businesses and opportunities to our county.”

Asked how we can improve education, she said: “Children are our future. We have to work together to give them the best education possible. A strong educational system will prepare students for college and, with a good career and technical education center in our high school and at Crossroads Institute, our students can start their own businesses if this is the career path they choose.”

Asked how she will stay in touch if elected, Brenda said, “I think this is the key to helping our people. It is my plan to be available by any means possible.

“I will always answer phone calls and e-mail from my constituents and I will get out and about in the county to talk to our citizens and find out what is on their minds and how I can help.”

I urge everyone in Elk Creek District to vote for Brenda Sutherland.

Ruth Ross





Restore nation to greatness

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!

We need men and women who understand that being an American is more than living in America.

Being an American is a concept based on a set of values and ideals.

It’s a burning patriotism that believes that this country is the best in the world, inferior to no other nation, with no apology.

I have great concern for the future of the United States and wonder if that “City on the Hill” will survive for our children and their children’s children.

My disquiet stems from many serious changes taking place today.

We have elected politicians rather than statesmen to govern us.

American jobs are vanishing as U.S. companies close plants and outsource to locations overseas or south of the border.

The rule of law is being eroded by a government that refuses to enforce our laws and gives amnesty to millions of people who have entered the U.S. illegally.

Political correctness has stifled freedom of expression and common sense. Judicial supremacists are attempting to remake America into a society that rejects traditional marriage, banishes the Pledge of Allegiance, the Ten Commandments and the Boy Scouts.

Where once there was integrity, honesty, and decency, we have lowered the flag of righteousness by allowing moral decay to eat away the very fiber of American society.

U.S. sovereignty is threatened by an agreement called the Security and Prosperity Partnership which, if approved by Congress, will bring us closer to the North American Union.

The “union” would in effect erase borders between the US., Mexico, and Canada, allowing free migration of peoples between countries.

This move toward globalism will be a giant step to a “new world order,” and U.S. will fade into oblivion.

Taken individually, the problems we face are not insurmountable; but collectively, the lifeee'threatening condition plaguing this nation may prove fatal unless action is taken.

My prayer is that ee all Americans will rededicate themselves to the principles and ideals that made this country great.

Dorothy Ward

Madison, Miss.


Editor’s note: This letter is published at the request of the Appalachian Trail Chapter of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution of Hillsville. The letter was shortened and adapted from the original that appeared this year in the NSDAR’s “National Defender” digest.