Letters to the Editor for 10/12/09

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Healthcare a right of all citizens

This is in reference to Patrick Kelly Sr.'s letter to the editor published Sept. 14 in which he stated that during a meeting at New River Community College, Rep. Rick Boucher did not respond adequately to the question, "Where in the [U.S.] Constitution is wording that would allow for the national government to be involved in health care?"

I was not present at that meeting and I don't know what Rep. Boucher said, so I will not try to defend him.

But Mr. Kelley would not have to read very far into the Preamble to the Constitution to discover these words: "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare…”

This last phrase, which I have italicized, should, in my opinion, answer the question quite plainly.

It is a shame that people who are being offered something that is for their own good have been duped by special interests with multiple millions of dollars to gain by defeating President Obama's healthcare reform are disturbing "the domestic tranquility" and further threatening the collapse of our nation.

Mac L. Ricketts


Restaurant spices up downtown

The other day I went to a local restaurant that said it served Cajun food. Because I'm from South Louisiana, I had my doubts.

Well let me tell you, I was surprised. It was like going home.

Most times someone throws a lot of pepper on something and calls it Cajun. Well, this is the real deal.

Not only am I from there, I also went to chef school in New Orleans, so I can talk from both sides.

The cook makes all his meals while you wait so you are getting a fresh meal, not something that was frozen for weeks or months. The prime rib is to die for and he prepares it as hot as you want it.

I was getting upset trying to fine a place to eat that would please my taste in seafood and price. Well, I found it.

The price is right for working families watching their dollars. Yes, it takes a while to get your food, but this isn't fast food. It’s great that someone has bought this food to Galax.

It’s on Oldtown Street and the cook is from Fries but studied in Louisiana under some of the finest chefs there.

I hope everyone will try it. They even have takeout and delivery. A delicious delight from fish to alligator is there.

Jimmy A. Morrison


Illegals to blame for healthcare costs

Health care began spiraling out of control when the illegals began pouring into the U.S. faster than they had previously.

When they were being pretty silent about it nobody noticed it much.

When the U.S. began noticing was when things started to change right before our eyes and couldn't be ignored anymore, such as multi-lingual attitudes and instructions at banks, schools, hospitals, TV ads, etc.

Now they are here in such huge numbers that they can brazenly picket and protest publicly demanding amnesty.

Illegals can go to any hospital emergency room, even if it's not an emergency, and get free treatment every time.

They can do this is because every time I go, the hospital tacks on hidden administrative fees to my bill to cover those who are uninsured.

If I have a balance and it isn't paid within a certain amount of time, that balance is turned over to collection, a mark gets put against my credit, and either wages are garnished or a lien gets put upon my real estate.

One way or another, the hospital gets paid by me, but never by the illegals. They have a free ride sitting on this jackass.

Now we have legislative bills in Washington that are going to expressly keep illegals from getting any health insurance, but nothing is going to stop them from still getting that free ride.

Wouldn't it have been a little bit better to force them into paying for health insurance coverage like we are being forced into, with the “option” of paying a fine instead?

Having an additional 30 million people pay into health care coverage would substantially reduce our obligation to keep taking care of the free-loaders who face no mandates or responsibility for themselves and their families.

The more we have to cover them, the higher those health care premiums went up and continue to rise.

Until we find a real solution that involves the illegals and mandates their participation, we will keep spiraling out of control.

A.J. Hackler


Support Parental Rights Amendment

Do U.N. bureaucrats or parents know best how to raise children? Our rights as parents are being threatened.

The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, a seemingly harmless treaty with dangerous implications for American families, is approaching possible ratification by the United States.

If this treaty is ratified, the laws of all 50 states on children and parents would be superseded by international law, by virtue of a specific provision of the U.S. Constitution that declares treaties to be supreme over state law.

Good parents would no longer be entitled to the legal presumption that they act in the best interests of their children.

The government would have authority to overrule parents on any decision concerning their child. No government, regardless of how good its intentions, can replace the love and nurture of a parent. Parents play an irreplaceable role in lives of their children.

It is widely known that:

• Children with parental support have better health as adults.

• Students with involved parents tend to earn higher grades, have better social skills and are more likely to graduate and go on to college.

• Teens who are monitored by parents are one-quarter as likely as teens with “hands off” parents to smoke, drink and use drugs.

There is only one solution to stop encroachment of international law in the lives of American parents and children. We need a constitutional amendment

A grassroots campaign led by ParentalRights.org is spreading across our nation. It defends rights of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

The Parental Rights Amendment will shield the child-parent relationship from government intrusion. The amendment has been introduced in the U.S. House and the Senate. Already, there are more than 100 co-sponsors of H.J. Resolution 42 in the House.

Please call your member of Congress and him or her to become a co-sponsor of this historic amendment.

Lisa Shaw