Letters to the Editor for 03/08/10

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Award recognizes excellence


Congratulations to the Galax City Public School System for receiving the 2010 Virginia Board of Education Competence to Excellence Award!

This is a significant accomplishment that our school system has received, recognizing two consecutive years of achieving state and federal benchmarks in education.

Having served on the Galax City School Board for two terms, I have seen firsthand the hard work and dedication that the administration and faculty bring to work every day.

And just as important is the close working relationship and support the school system has with the Galax City Council and Galax School Board. It's so nice to see the moral and financial support these two groups give the school system used to their full extent and attain the results that have been recognized by the state.

And our students have responded and excelled. The environment that has been created over the years by our faculty and administration has engaged our students and made learning fun.

Thank you to the parents and guardians of our students for the interest, involvement and support you show your kids has reinforced that an education is indeed important.

We are very fortunate to have such a great school system in our city here in Southwest Virginia. While there are always areas that can be improved, the overall performance is impressive.

Given the current economic climate and the recent reductions in funding from the state, this award speaks volumes for the teamwork, creativity and passion everyone involved has towards achieving excellence.

The next time you see a teacher, board member, council member, administrator, student or someone who does things behind the scenes for Galax City Schools, tell them “Thank you” and “Congratulations.” 

I appreciate the hard work (and homework) that these folks do every day. What a wonderful thing we have going on here in Galax.

Andy Messner



How a political party should work


In many states, the lowest elected office is that of precinct chairman.

There is one for each political party in every precinct. Candidates get their names on the ballot for the primary election by getting voters’ signatures on a petition that is filed with the election board.

Only folks in the candidate’s precinct can vote for that precinct’s chairman for their respective party. That person, elected by precinct voters, represents the political party at the county/city level.

Recent findings by the National Precinct Alliance show that many of these positions are unfilled across the country.  Some states, Virginia included, do not choose the precinct representatives in this way. Maybe this should be changed!

One representative from each Precinct composes the county/city organization. This group elects the executive committee, and representatives to the district organization, who would be instructed to vote the will of the county/city voters at district functions.

The general committee would also decide who would be party candidates for local constitutional offices.

The district organization executive officers would be elected from among the local representatives, as would representatives to the state organization.

The entire organization would decide who would be party candidates for district constitutional offices, and, whom representatives to the state organization would support for state and national office.

District representatives comprise the elected state party, from whom executive officers and representatives to the national party would be elected.

The will of the districts for state constitutional offices would be supported in all matters at the state level.  Candidates endorsed for national offices would be chosen by a majority of districts.

The national political party would be composed of members elected by each state party. The elected organization of each party would be subject to change every time the local precinct chairman is elected.

This organization would do wonders for candidate selection.

Candidates meeting requirements for office would be submitted to the precinct for the will of the people to be made known!

Higher organizations could express their preferences, but the choice would be up to the voters.

Roy L. Brittain

Elk Creek