Letters to the Editor for 02/08/10

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Help needed with deer


I just read the story in regards to the deer population in Galax and, as much as I like animals and love watching the deer, we could use some help up here, also.

We have actual herds roaming all around Pipers Gap, Cockerham Loop and Coleman Lane and on the side streets, also.

We have tried all the things mentioned in the paper, including some terrible smelling deer repellent. Like the paper stated, it only works for a short time, except if some just happens to get on your hands or clothing, no one will come near you — humans or deer.

I have never smelled something so bad, worse than a skunk.

Needless to say, all my azaleas are gone, my rhododendrons are totally destroyed and the annual ground flowers are dug up and most bushes are gone.

But what I am most concerned about are the people traveling. My good friend Marie was hit two times by deer, one after the other. The last one did close to $3,000 damage to her car and she could have been severely insured or even killed.

It happened just three miles from her home. We could use some help to reduce the deer population, if the neighbors would not mind.

I was thinking after reading the story that they only kill does because, once they start bearing fawns, they give birth to triplets and heavily contribute to the population.

I'm just kind of visualizing in my head and starting to feel sorry for the does that are left with all them bucks looking for a mate. (Just a little humor.)

Therese Sapone



APCo leaves us feeling powerless


I recently purchased a home in the Baywood area. I have moved from Boone, N.C., where the cost of living should be much higher.

I have found that my neighbors are very friendly and helpful — something I admit is not found in Boone too often.

I owned a home that was 2,100 square feet and was heated with gas. My power bill ran from $28 to $48 per month for two people in my family.

Since I bought the home in Virginia, my power bill has gone through the roof. It is $581.98 for one month.

I own a gas range and gas dryer. I am the marketing manager for a utility company in North Carolina and am used to being regulated.

I have called and asked that Appalachian please come out to meet me and look at my meter. They said someone would call and set up a date. No one has called and the meter is still spinning fast.

I understand it is cold but I find this is outrageous. I heard that they had an increase and last year they had an increase, too.

Is this normal for the power company to make families decide either to buy food, medicine or pay their power bills?

If anyone knows how to build a windmill to generate power, please get in touch with me. I encourage everyone to write an article to the utility commission in Virginia.

Ernie McGuire