Letter to the Editor for 1/26/09

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Time to get things done in America

2009 begins with a new president, new Congress and an alleged attitude of bipartisanship and a new way government does things.

But, sad to say, the oddballs, the weak links and dumb butts of 2008 spill into the new year.

President Obama proposed spending of some $825 billion dollars to jumpstart the economy. The GOP leadership balks.

Let’s for a moment look what is facing our country now: 7.2 percent unemployment rate, a half-million jobs lost in one week, consumer confidence at all-time low, spending is down, the piggy bank is empty and we’re trying to save on toilet paper.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, D.C., the talk is accountability on how tax money is spent. Political connections are alive and well.

Old faces from the past come to the present. Later it is reported one failed to pay taxes and the other was involved in a bribery scandal.

The question so often asked is: “Who is really looking after the best interest of the American people?” The first 100 days of the new government will answer that.

Overseas, a dangerous situation is festering of an all-out war leading into a war of wars. Israel fighting tourists, Russia and China supply weapons to our enemies, and foreign countries that supply oil to this country still use it to change our foreign policy.

The American people are hurting. They are worried, scared and who really can they trust? There is no question we have hit rock bottom. Only way is up.

Speeches, so-called love fests and photo ops, they do not need. Time is of the essence to do something.

People are waiting and to see who cares about them, their family and future.

“Yes, we can” overcome, rebuild, believe that in our heart, mind, and soul, by our faith and strong spirit, we shall endure.

Mitchell Robinson