Leaf & String adds wine to festival mix

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Galax City Council votes, with one objection, to allow alcohol sales at annual festival, set for June 14-15.


The City of Galax has granted a request from the Galax Downtown Association to allow alcohol sales during the annual Leaf & String Festival in June.
Ray Kohl spoke on behalf of the GDA at a recent Galax City Council meeting, detailing other changes to the festival focused on local music, art and literature. “We are trying to make Leaf & String more of a local event that highlights things that happen in our area,” he explained.
The event, Kohl said, would have different sections in various areas downtown, with an emphasis on music, crafting, food and wine.
The wine section would be sectioned off at the Grayson Street Stage area, and all permitting would be the responsibility of the GDA.
“So, it would be confined, just on that one street?” asked Council Member Margo Crouse.
Kohl confirmed that it would.
“Since the annual barbecue championship has beer, I’m going to extend a question to [Police Chief Rick] Clark — has there ever been an issue?” Mayor C.M. Mitchell asked.
“In the seven or eight years of doing this, there has only been one arrest” at the Smoke on the Mountain event, Clark said.
Vice Mayor Willie Greene said "I do support having the festival,” before raising his hand in opposition to the alcohol sales.
With no other objections from the council, the request was approved for the GDA.