Law would keep fast lane from slowing down

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By Staff Reports

RICHMOND — One of the quickest proposals to emerge for the 2014 General Assembly tells slow drivers to stay out of the left interstate lane.
Early filings from Del. Israel O’Quinn (R-5th District), who represents Grayson County, authored House Bill 51.
The proposal adds a line into the section of state law covering minimum speed limits, according to a filing made Dec. 3.
No person shall operate a motor vehicle “at less than the posted maximum speed limit in the left-most lane of any interstate highway,” according to the text of HB 51.
A minimum speed limit would be determined by transportation officials, the code section says.
This would be added to existing language that prohibits drivers from going “at such a slow speed as to impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for the safe operation or in compliance with law.”
The General Assembly will consider the bill when it convenes Jan. 8.
A referral to the appropriate House committee is pending.