Laurel is a first-class school

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There are approximately 275 students enrolled in Laurel Elementary School. The students and staff are amazing.
After learning about the number of books these students have read in the Accelerated Reading Program, I felt that they should all be recognized for their hard work.
It is hard to believe that with the number of students at Laurel Elementary, they have read and passed tests for 17,353 books.
These students have an amazing group of teachers for support. Among the teachers at Laurel, there is a very special staff member that makes the Accelerated Reading Program possible.
Edna Shelton is the media specialist. Without her, the students would not have been able to achieve all they have and would not have reached such an amazing number in books read and passed.
With the guidance of Mrs. Shelton and a very special first grade teacher, Trina Crouse, one class in particular has reached an astonishing number of books read and tests passed.
Mrs. Crouse’s first grade class has read an amazing 4,238 books. This class has worked extremely hard and deserves recognition for their hard work.
Mrs. Crouse and Mrs. Shelton should also be recognized for all they have done for these students. If not for wonderful, caring educators like them, these students would not have been able to achieve this accomplishment.
Behind every student there are educators who care and strive for the most potential each child has and will help them reach that potential.
This first grade class is a wonderful example of that.
Congratulations to Mrs. Crouse, Mrs. Shelton, and Mrs. Crouse’s first grade class for a job well done.
Tracy Webb