Lambs Table program is a blessing

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I want to thank First United Methodist Church in Independence for the free Lambs Table dinner it gives every Tuesday.
You can give if you can, but you are not expected to.
My son is disabled and had been isolated in his home for quite some time. This church opened up to him and he now lives for the Tuesday dinner.
They come and get him and take him to the church and then back home when it is over.
He sits with others and has a really good meal and socializes. He has limited income, but nothing is expected from him. This allows him to get out of his house and be social.
I cannot believe what a difference this church has made in my son’s life and mine and so many others’.
I appreciate all that are involved, from the cooks to the servers to the dishwashers.  You get served as if you were in a restaurant and you can have all you want.
They also deliver to those who cannot attend.
What a wonderful blessing these folks are to those in need.
I thank all of you for what you are doing for the community and the difference you make in the lives of others.
Kristy Pollard