Keeping pool open was the right choice

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I remember earlier in the year when people were complaining about the Fries public pool not being open and how the kids would be swimming in the river and getting hurt.
Now, some ding-a-ling complains to the newspaper because the town used money in the pool fund to save the kids from getting hurt by swimming in the river. Give me a break!
If anyone believes that the town will eventually raise enough money to replace the pool, I have a bridge here in Roanoke over Tinker Creek I am sure you will be interested in purchasing.
That will never happen unless someone with lots of money comes along and pays for the pool completely. What was the replacement cost? Was it around $150,000?
I cannot remember, but I am sure whatever the figure was a year-plus ago, the cost has increased more and will continue to increase as time goes by. And where is Fries going to get the money to replace what they used?
Keeping the pool open in summer for the kids should be the priority of the town. If they use all the money completely over a period of years that would be great!
The money is doing no good whatsoever staying in the bank. By keeping the pool open in the summer and using the money would be the best thing ever.
I support the decision 100 percent in using the pool money to keep the kids safe.

Don Bond