Keep journals to preserve history

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Like many older people, I have seen much of the world, witnessed history in the making, observed many dramatic changes and events — some good, some bad, and many that are still undecided.
To my fellow seniors I point out that we can sit around and reminisce about “the good old days” and the things we used to do, see, hear, feel, and so forth, but we are, in a sense, walking libraries in possession of a tidy sum of unwritten history.
We have in our memories things that will be lost upon our passing.
Therefore I encourage our aging citizens to consider writing their memoirs and starting a daily journal. Remember the things that you didn’t get to tell your children and grandchildren plus those points that are worth repeating.
Also don’t forget the everyday hints on life and learning in general, cooking, gardening, relationships and anything that come to mind and things that our educational system might not cover.
After all, recent history suggests that future generations will need all the help they can get. It’s never too late to make an attempt for improvement.
You may feel that your letters to the future might not be appreciated. This could be true for today, but you can keep them safe for the generations to come where they can introduce you, your life, and offer insight to your decedents about their lineage.
For those of the younger generations who may scoff at this endeavor we can point out to them that we know what it’s like to be young, but they don’t know what it’s like to be old.
If you decide that this is a good idea, then good luck and good writing.
Ken Pollard