Keep 'holiday spirit' all year 'round

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July 2nd was the halfway point of 2010.
It's hard to believe that 6 months have passed since Christmas... and speaking of the holidays, we see an influx of family members and church groups and volunteers in the month of December at our local nursing home. It seems like the holidays just bring out a generous Christian spirit in people.
Well, as activity director at Grayson Nursing, I would like to challenge those in the community to reach out to our residents at this time of year also.
The most frequently asked question of volunteers is "what can I do?"
My answer to them is that the options for service to our residents are as open‑ended as their desires to give. We are always in need of bingo callers (a very easy task), volunteers to deliver mail, musicians to sing and play instruments and most importantly, someone to simply sit and converse with a resident.
Our nursing home is not at all intimidating or scary. It is a home filled with love and laughter on a daily basis!
Our residents have the same desires and needs as they always have, simply to be loved and cherished.
Sitting outside on the courtyard with someone and sharing friendly conversation brings their minds back to days of old‑fashioned porch sitting and fellowship.
So please, come visit us, sit on our porch, have a glass of cold iced tea with one of our residents and share some of that "holiday spirit" in the summer months too!
Elizabeth Myers, ADC MT‑BC
Director of Therapeutic Recreational Services
Grayson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center