Keep fighting the good fight

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By The Gazette

Despite not getting the results they were hoping for, the hundreds of supporters of keeping the Kroger store in Galax have shown a tremendous amount of organization and effort in the past several weeks.
When it was first announced that the store would close March 21, these folks didn’t take the news lightly. Instead, everyone got together and did whatever they could think of to convince the corporation to change its mind.
This group has shown the rest of us the power of teamwork and tenacity. Even though they were going up against something larger than them, and although they continued to hear the word “no,” they kept fighting for their cause until the store’s last day.
They even showed grace in their loss, taking snacks and well wishes to the employees as they clocked in their final shifts.  
When we look at an effort like this, the important thing to focus on isn’t whether the group “won” or “lost.” Instead, we should all take a minute to admire how closely, strongly and respectfully they stood against their opposition.
Our community needs this kind of teamwork, because there are always local efforts worth fighting for. Our hope is that this group will not disband, but instead rally behind other worthy causes.
They’ve proven they are professional, organized and passionate in their letters and correspondence with Kroger corporate officials and legislators. Now, they should channel that power into something even greater.
Our businesses, churches, non-profits, families in need and many others count on support from organized community activists like this every day.
Anyone can have a passion for something, but in the end it takes action and the support of others to make it happen. We commend them on their efforts.