Judge people by character, not race

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I feel this country has reached or is near the end of its rope, so to speak.
I love this country and our freedoms, but past history has proven we have not always been as righteous as some think.
First, the white man tried to do to the only real Americans what Iran wants to do to Israel. They tried to eliminate the American Indians and, until this day, most of them still live on reservations controlled by the government.
Later, there was slavery. Greedy Americans wanting free labor to get rich. Christians and decent people should have never let that happen. After all, they already knew about the suffering of the Israelites.
Fast forward to today. Everyone is racist, if you want to get technical.
If you fill out a government form, job application, or apply for driver’s license, you are required to check a box — white, black, Hispanic, Native American or Asian.
This appears as though we are not just Americans, but have to be put in a category to this day. So, my question for today is, why does everyone?
Black and white news reporters and all politicians call Obama black? If I’m not mistaken, Martin Luther King said he dreamed of a day when a man would be judged by his character rather than the color of his skin.
People call Obama black. That’s just the color of his skin. He had a white mother, so why does everyone feel the need to call him black? Isn’t he just an American?
If people judged him by his character and the way he’s shunned Israel and what he did to our country, he would be hard-pressed to ever get re-elected.
So, everyone stop being racist and start looking at each other as Americans and vote for their character, not their color.
God bless America and those who bless Israel.
Bill Ogle