Irwin is right choice for Wilson District

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Kate Irwin would be an excellent choice for supervisor for the Wilson District of Grayson County.
She would help us preserve our communities and move forward into the future.
Kate cares about helping schools give our children the best education possible and having a good working relationship with the school board.
As a business owner for almost 25 years, Kate has experience in researching opportunities, negotiating contracts, and delivering completed projects.
She has served as a board member of two chambers of commerce. These experiences will help her make Grayson County a business-friendly place, which can attract much-needed jobs.
Her ability to work with people will enable her to speak up for Grayson County at the district level, the county level, and in Richmond.
In a time when property in Grayson County is changing hands more frequently, Kate believes in guidelines which give local residents a voice in what happens in their communities.
In a time when technology is changing every day, Kate believes in helping Grayson County residents stay connected and up to date.
She has a clear understanding of the importance of being connected through cellphone and Internet services for citizens and businesses. She wholeheartedly supports the Grant Computer Center and the valuable services it provides the community.
The center has helped many people in Western Grayson County learn computer skills and have access to high speed Internet.
I encourage voters in the Wilson District to vote for Kate Irwin for supervisor.
Ellie Kirby