IRS 'scandal' lacks proof, is politically motivated

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A recent news flash stated, “The IRS has been caught targeting conservative groups!”
If our media had substituted the word “accused” for “caught,” their “news flash” would have been true.
To make matters worse, CNN reporter Candy Crowley, asked Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, “what is your gut feeling?”
His reply was that President Obama ordered the targeting to weaken the Tea Party’s participation in the 2012 election. Crowley’s question should have been, “where is your proof?”
Since Issa was slated to lead the investigation, his answer revealed his dishonesty and his ultimate goal which was to further discredit our president. This unjust behavior of our media and Issa has undermined our republic.
After four months, Issa’s committee has failed to produce any evidence. So far, it has been determined that both conservative and liberal organizations have been scrutinized because they applied for a federal tax exemption. Proof positive that the IRS workers were doing their job.
MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell practices President Reagan’s philosophy: trust but verify! He went directly to the IRS tax exemption law, 501-c-3 and -4, and he discovered a real scandal.
During the Eisenhower administration, an IRS agent illegally changed one word in that law and turned a concise law into one of ambiguity.
The agent substituted the word “primarily” for the word “exclusively.” The law states that organizations seeking federal tax exemptions must be exclusively involved in social welfare, which means that neither conservative nor liberal organizations would qualify.
Our Republicans and media stayed on the fake scandal bandwagon, while ignoring Lawrence’s discovery.
A week and a half later, members of Congress began questioning Rep. Issa about 501-c-3 and 4. The solution is simple: abide by the law as written.
Our Treasury Department will soon be addressing this problem and will be taking public comments. Every American who is interested in strengthening our republic should participate.
If you want the truth, view Lawrence and his colleagues on MSNBC. In the true spirit of the season, make sure to check out Kids In Need of Desks on Lawrence’s site. It will make your heart sing!
Ron Patt