HoustonFest was a success

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HoustonFest Organizers would like to extend sincere gratitude for the splendid work that took place leading up to and during the presentation of HoustonFest 2013.
We will continue to talk about the wonderful weekend for years to come. This celebration of song and service was an outstanding success in so many ways, primarily due to the incredible organization, creativity and enthusiasm of hundreds of caring citizens.  
Although the weather wasn’t as springlike as hoped for, the festival was well attended and the cold winds did not hinder the enthusiasm and zest of the crowd. Attendees from all walks of life, all ages came out for the heartwarming celebration, and the incredible entertainers held the crowds for the duration of the event.
Clearly, the generous outpouring and participation of so many members of the bluegrass and old-time music community speaks volumes of the high regard held for the festival’s namesake, Houston Caldwell. While we all continue to miss Houston and profoundly feel his loss, it was obvious this past weekend that he continues to inspire so many, and will forever be a part of the music and fellowship.
It was indeed a privilege to be in Galax this weekend to participate in the culmination of countless hours of planning and work that exemplifies the dedication, service, and loyalty of many volunteers, numerous partners and supporters.
Our hats are off to the first-class work of The Galax Volunteer Fire Department and the incredible drive and passion always rendered by Houston’s family: Tess, Kenneth and Hayden Caldwell.
Debbie Robinson
HoustonFest Director