Honored to put sign in yard

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To the person concerned about the sign in my yard on Hebron Road.
I am an employed taxpayer who votes in every election. I am well aware of the county in which I live.
I personally am so occupied with work, family, friends and church that I have no time to critique the yards on Hebron Road. Maybe other people have too much time on their hands.
Having known Mark Burnett and family for 30 years, I feel honored to put a sign for him in my yard.
He is the best Christian father, husband, friend and police officer I know. We need more politicians in office of his caliber and integrity.
I have his sign in two yards that I own and I wish I had 22 more yards to promote him.
As for the candidates for sheriff in Carroll County, I fully intend to support and vote for my choice for sheriff.
Shirley Murphy