Hold ideals above politics

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All Grayson County residents should be very concerned about the recent mis-actions of county supervisors Brewer, Sexton and Rosenbaum, who are making motions out of sheer ignorance.
Making matters worse, supervisors Sexton and Brewer are backing Rosenbaum’s ill-prepared motions instead of correcting or advising him that as a new, inexperienced member of the board, he should familiarize himself with all of the facts on an issue and find out what his constituents want, before making a legal motion.
Brewer, Sexton and Rosenbaum have destroyed the successful Parks and Recreation Committee, made the first motion to repeal zoning without holding public hearings, and have “warned on record” that the computer center will not receive any funding after June 2014.
Despite a response from the Planning Commission recommending zoning not be repealed, Brewer, Sexton and Rosenbaum, reissued a charge to the Planning Commission to repeal zoning.
Nepotism has become a new policy of the board of supervisors. So, bam! There goes the comprehensive plan on which 700 residents, professionals, families, staff and committees worked for almost two years to ensure the successful growth of Grayson County, while preserving its resources and natural beauty.
And for schools, whose hallowed halls provide the foundation of education for the next generation of Graysonites?
All those needed repairs to bleachers, roofs, HVAC systems, etc., aren’t going to be done, because the board is going to be spending taxpayers’ money to repeal zoning, and maybe defend their (mis)actions in court.
A blitzkrieg is happening right under the nose of Grayson County residents, so fast that most don’t even know or understand what’s happening. Ask yourself why we are not being given a chance to hear both sides and vote on important issues like zoning?
Contact your representative and request they hold the ideals of Grayson County and its residents, above their politics, ego, or personal gain.
Laurel Dee Snyder