Hillsville continues search for new town manager, police chief

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Hillsville officials will interview police chief finalists on Nov. 1 and are seeking new applicants for the vacant town manager position.

By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE — Town council continues its headhunting for two leadership positions, and one citizen says the best candidates already work for Hillsville.
Filling the vacant town manager and police chief jobs received only a few minutes of attention from Hillsville Town Council members during the open session of the Oct. 22 meeting.
After a 40-minute closed session, Mayor Greg Crowder announced that interviews for the top candidates for police chief will occur at the beginning of November.
“We’ve picked our four that we’re going to interview ... and we’ll be interviewing for the position of police chief,” he noted, announcing a special meeting focused on personnel.
Town officials set the interviews for closed session at a special meeting Nov. 1 at 1 p.m.
The mayor also recalled that Hillsville officials re-advertised for town manager applicants after the top candidates turned down job offers. Applications will be accepted until the end of the month.
“We do have eight new applications for town manager and we’re also looking at some of the previous town manager applications,” Crowder said.
Earlier in the meeting, during citizen’s comment time, town resident and business owner Beth Day encouraged Hillsville to consider two current employees for those vacancies.
She’s been discussing the matter with customers at her store, Today’s Mercantile, and all but one has said the best people for the job are already in place.
“Everybody else really feels like we have two people that are really good for the jobs and now have four months experience and know what they’re doing,” Day said. “The town is running beautifully and our police department seems to be running beautifully.”
So, on behalf of the people, Day asked council to consider hiring interim Town Manager Judy Bolt and acting police Chief Jason Hawks.
“Please offer them the positions — they both have proven they know what they’re doing,” Day said.
Long-time town manager Larry South and chief Steve Williams resigned before new elected officials took office and changed the composition of council in July.