Hillsville a contender for printing company

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A potential employer has narrowed its search to Hillsville and Martinsville.

By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE — Town officials say that Hillsville is one of two possible locations being considered by a nationally known screen printing company.
If the company chooses to locate in Hillsville, it could mean a capital investment of between $1 and $2.5 million by the yet-unnamed entity, depending on whether it buys or leases the building, and the creation of up to 40 jobs, according to Mayor Greg Crowder.

Crowder and Town Council Member David Young, of the Pipers Gap district, said they met with a representative of the firm recently, to extoll the benefits of coming to the Hillsville area and hiring local workers.
These and other services, like future availability of natural gas, put Hillsville in the running, they said.
The firm started out considering eight localities, and now it’s apparently down to two contenders — Martinsville or Hillsville, in a facility at the Carroll County Industrial Park.
“They would not be here if not for the natural gas,” Crowder said. “The company’s looking to get more centrally located.”
“It’ll be a good asset to our area because they’re looking to expand,” Young said.
Crowder explained that he’s had a 12-year relationship with the company in question. When the mayor heard the business wanted to move, he personally contacted them to lobby for Hillsville.
If the company locates here, it could end up with approximately $2.5 million in taxable property if it owns the building, Crowder said. If the company leases, the taxable value of the equipment alone would be around $1 million.
The company does have one need if it locates here — it needs to know if there are any potential employees with screen printing experience, Crowder said. It’s crucial for the firm to know that it will be able to hire workers with these necessary skills.
The company needs to make a decision quickly — within the next three months, Young expected.
Crowder and Young felt that the citizens would want to know that the town is making progress in talking to a prospective company.
“The mayor made a promise [during his campaign] to get jobs back in here and that’s what he’s doing,” Young added. “The people deserve a brighter future.”