Hillsville amends town code sections

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By Staff Reports

HILLSVILLE — Hillsville Town Council adopted several changes to ordinances at its March 25 meeting.
Some of the town codes needed updates to match up with Virginia state law, said Hillsville Town Manager Travis Jackson. Other were updated to improve or simplify their readability.
No citizens spoke at a public hearing on March 25 about the changes, so council moved ahead with adoption. All the changes passed by unanimous vote.
Changes include:
• Hillsville Town Code Chapter 160, Section 1, modifying control and disposition of junk or unlicensed vehicles.
(Council Member Billy Walls, in making a motion to approve this change, told Jackson that he is working to remove unlicensed vehicles from his property.)
• Chapter 171, article XI, section 26, paragraph C, modifying remedies available for noncompliance with zoning requirements.
• Chapter 171, article XI, section 50, paragraph B, subparagraph 3, modifying surface requirements.
• Chapter 171, article XII, section 57, modifying permissible off-street loading material.
• Chapter 171, article XIII, Section 64, paragraph B, modifying surfacing requirements for all off-street parking areas
• Chapter 171, Article XV, Section 64, Paragraph B, modifying replacement of non-conforming manufactured homes.
• Chapter 97-3, paragraph B with additions of paragraphs C and D, regarding the abatement of weed and trash
• Chapter 26, repealing the personnel policy in the town code.
(Jackson said he knows of no other locality that includes its personnel policy in the town code. Instead, it will be put into a separate document.)
• Chapter 15, repealing grievance procedure. (Also to be moved out of the code and into a separate document.)
Jackson said last month that the original versions of these codes weren’t clear about what the staff should do in case of a code violation that wasn’t cleared up by a property owner.
These changes clarify the codes to say that if the property owner doesn’t act after being notified to remove trash or mow their lawn, the town can do the needed work and then charge the property owner for it, Jackson explained.