Help For The Homeless

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The world has a big problem with homeless people, yet no one seems to help them.

We are all equal but they have no choice but to survive outdoors. We look at them like they are scum, and think if they wanted to they could have made something of themselves.

In all cases that's not true. Many homeless people are veterans, who served our country to help us. What do we do for them? Really, we do nothing at all.

The government needs to pay respect to our veterans. They fought for our country, and went through a whole lot more than anyone should.

They were exposed to disease, and still to this day they are fighting to save their lives. For example, agent orange is a defoliant herbicide mixture used during the Vietnam War to destroy forests in Vietnam.

The U.S. sprayed millions of gallons of agent orange over forests in Vietnam and the armed forces was exposed to it. Agent orange has been linked to cancers and other diseases in epidemiological studies.

Some veterans were taken and tortured; the enemy was known to shove tooth picks under their fingernails and toenails. They also were beaten.

Veterans who are living on the streets need shelter, food, clothes. Anything they want, they deserve it all.

We should raise money for buildings for them to stay in when they have nowhere else to go. There should not be a time limit on when they have to be there to check in, or when they have to be out.

Build it so that more than a thousand people can stay, be comfortable, have plenty of food, and clothing. They need help to try to make something out of themselves, when they have nothing else to look forward to.

Government needs people to get together and raise money, give money, or donate money to homeless shelters, so people will have somewhere to go.