Help during a difficult time

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I am writing to commend Luis Jimenez and staff at Golden Living Center for the wonderful job everyone did taking care of my mother, Flora Carico, for the past seven-plus years while she was a patient.
I know she could be a little difficult at times, but that did not deter anyone from showing respect and a caring attitude. I could sleep at night knowing her needs were handled properly.
The few problems I did encounter were handled by you in a very efficient manner. There were several managers there during her stay, but I feel you have handled the position in a very professionally manner.
I wish to say special thanks to staff on A-Wing for the care my mother received in her last days and hours. They did everything they could to make her comfortable.
Since my mother was there so long I think she and I both felt like they were part of our family.
I enjoyed the opportunity to do something special for everyone at Christmas by being their Santa Claus. It gave me great pleasure to see their faces light up when I went into their rooms with gifts. I hope I can continue doing this as long as I am able.
I also wish to acknowledge Twin County Funerals and Gregory and Stephanie Rinehart for the professional and caring celebration of life service they arranged for my mother.
The professional manner of every single detail conducted was very comforting for me and my family.
Again, my heartfelt thanks to all and may God bless and watch over everyone.
Bill Carico