Help courthouse make changes

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Your extensive coverage of the accessibility issues at the Historic 1908 Courthouse was welcome.
The Courthouse Foundation Board of Directors is committed to welcoming all people to the 1908 Courthouse.
As noted in your coverage, the courthouse has made significant improvements to accessibility in the past. Our biggest obstacle in recent years has been funding.
We have had plans to make our restrooms wheelchair accessible for several years but, given the slow economic times recently, our fundraising has been down. We simply have not had enough money.
We are completely supported by donations and what we can earn. We are a private foundation, not part of the county or town. We do not get state or federal support.
Many people think the county pays our bills. It does not.
All money for operating and maintaining the building comes from donations, rent on office space, sales in our gift shop, and events we hold on our grounds.
In the past we have received some grant monies, but not for more than eight years. A significant grant helped pay for installation of the elevator but, as with most grants, that was a matching grant. We still had to raise a great deal of money for that.
Over the years, some very generous individuals in the Twin Counties have kept the 1908 Courthouse going, starting with Dan Baldwin.
We rely on this tradition and we ask the people of the Twin Counties now for their support. We need it more than ever. Not just to make the restrooms more accessible, but to do much-needed maintenance on the building. Projects we have identified will cost us more than $17,000.
So to all those who value the 1908 Courthouse, please help us meet these challenges. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, which means your donations are tax-deductible. Our website is www.historic1908courthouse.org.
You can sent a check or via our website using PayPal to: Historic 1908 Courthouse Foundation, PO. Box 336, Independence, VA 24348.
Thank you.
Laura Bryant
President, Historic 1908 Courthouse Foundation