Health needs assessment complete

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Members of the Twin County community recently gathered at Crossroads Institute to study and discuss the results of a community-wide health needs assessment.
The assessment, which was made possible through a partnership of Twin County Regional Healthcare and a research group called Stratasan, was conducted over the course of two months, and includes an analysis of community health data based on individual interviews on ad surveys of hospital staff and physicians.
Following the assessment, a Community Health Summit was held at Crossroads, where a number of business, educational, non-profit, and individual representatives heard a discussion of the group’s findings, and discussed possible ways of improving and promoting good health.
“[The assessment] is meant to create the foundation of an action plan to help us truly improve the lives of the people in our community,” said TCRH’s CEO Jon Applebaum.
Discussions included listing the main health concerns that are witnessed by community members. Nine core topics derived from this included obesity, diabetes, chronic diseases (heart disease, pulmonary, high blood pressure, cancer), economic issues, substance abuse and mental health, lifestyle behavior and education, access and aging, family/responsibility and teen pregnancy, and smoking/tobacco use.
Together, the audience worked in small groups to pinpoint other factors within these concerns, and develop possibilities for preventing, treating and reversing these numbers. TCRH and Stratasan representatives all stressed that health responsibilities do not just lie with local medical resources, but with everyone else as well.

To see the full 132-page health needs assessment report, download the .pdf at the link below:

health_assessment.pdf9.42 MB