Health care is extortion

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To be forced by intimidation and undue power to pay a gross overcharge. That is “extortion” defined.
Mobsters go to jail for it. But the health care system in America has a license to do it with impunity. It’s like doing business with the “mob,” except the mob wouldn’t stick it to you that bad.
Every month I have to write checks to Galax and Baptist hospitals. (That’s usually when I feel like writing letters). For bills that started north of $13,000 for a visit that totaled (for both hospitals) less than 24 hours. It makes me feel like a victim of extortion.
A visit that involved little more than a few shots, a few x‑rays, and some so-called “expert” opinion. And virtually no help.
And then a bill that’s 10 or 20 times what it should be. And I am forced by intimidation and undue power to pay this vast overcharge. If that’s not “extortion,” then what is?
I can say one thing with certainty. Everyone in America’s health care system who is getting rich on the backs of sick people. Basically committing legal extortion. Burdening people down with bills they can never pay.
God has got your number. God “will” get even with you for the lives you have destroyed, while parading as an angel of mercy.
Lonnie Malcomb