Harrington helps kids in need

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t A seven-year-old in Grayson County is serving her community.


INDEPENDENCE — A Grayson County girl is setting an example of compassion by helping children and adults in her community.
Anna Harrington, 7, used her own money to buy toys for child victims who have long, boring waits during court proceedings.
Anna’s mother, Antonina Marino, is director of the Grayson County Victim/Witness Program. She said Anna knows that children are often in the office’s waiting room. “There are times during hearings when there are children victims in the room for hours, and I provide activities for them to try to occupy their long days,” Marino said.
She mentioned to Anna one day when she was visiting the office that the broken crayons needed to be replaced. Anna decided she wanted to use some of the money she had received for her outstanding report card to do something nice for the young crime victims her mother serves.
Anna bought a 96-count box of crayons, coloring books for both a boy and a girl, a game of checkers and a Rubik’s Cube.
“I asked her why she wanted to do this, and she said ‘I wanted to give kids something to do while they are waiting,’” Marino said. “As a mother, I am so proud of Anna’s thoughtfulness and compassion towards others.”
That gesture is only part of Anna’s growing interest in community service. She also made a donation with her money to the tornado victims in Glade Springs.
Anna also donates her time every Tuesday to the Lamb’s Table from 4 to 6:30 p.m., helping to deliver  serve meals and deliver food to shut-ins at the First United Methodist Church of Independence.