Happy shopping

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If you're one of those people who feels better after indulging in some retail therapy, then you should know that you're shopping practices can help others, too.

By visiting SWVTC Cottage Crafts at the Southwest Virginia Farmers' Market in Hillsville, you will support vocational pursuits at the training center.

The booth set up in the retail building at the farmers' market is the logical extension of the Southwest Virginia Training Center's handicrafts and gifts made by those who live there.

There's a large variety of items there, from tie-dye T-shirts to sweatshirts, from yard signs to photo boards, Christmas ornaments to fall decorations and much more.

And making a purchase will help support the store and give the training center a continuing outlet for crafts the residents produce.

Cottage Crafts will give the training center yet another opportunity to find fulfillment in work, as folks from there will help staff the booth.

Staff members are excited about creating interaction between people from the training center and those from the community.

They want the community to get to know residents as individuals.

Shoppers will also find there's benefits for their pocketbooks. Because of the low overhead, Cottage Crafts can pass on the savings — no coupons necessary.

The shop is a creative idea by the training center staff, and it's a good compliment to the fresh produce that's available there from other local vendors.

Like other shops, Cottage Crafts needs customers.

So go there and buy some dog treats, totes, bows for presents. a wooden cutting board or whatever strikes your fancy.

Pick up some apples or peaches or the healthy in-season produce of the moment, for good measure.

You can feel good about that kind of consumer spending.