Haga qualified to serve as treasurer

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The race to succeed Fields Young Jr. as Grayson County treasurer is crowded. Voters have to decide who among the candidates is best qualified to manage the important work of the treasurer’s office.
One candidate, Paula Carrico, is the wife of Grayson’s state senator and sister of the present county administrator. And another, Stephanie Brewer, is the wife of a county supervisor. Yet, does either have the qualifications to manage the treasurer’s office?
Of course, family relationships don’t necessarily disqualify any candidate, but it may become perilous to put so much power in the hands of so few.
Our government is one of checks and balances. We’ve all heard “blood is thicker than water.” Throughout history, whenever nepotism rears its ugly head, good rarely follows.
Junior Young has always stressed impartial customer service to everyone. For 34 years, he’s worked closely with Grayson citizens to make their dealings with the treasurer’s office convenient and accommodating. He has managed his office capably and professionally. Indeed, Young leaves big shoes to fill.
I’ve carefully studied resumes of all the candidates and my vote goes to Kelly Haga. He attended Radford University and returned to his life‑long home to teach in the public schools.
After 10 teaching years, he was recruited by Vaughan‑Bassett Furniture in Galax to manage its accounting department. There he oversaw budgeting, logistics, cost accounting, cost analysis, purchasing and supply; and he eventually was made vice president. Kelly’s qualifications are outstanding.
At 45, he offers many, good professional years to serve Grayson citizens. And when you meet him, you readily see he’ll be easily approachable as Grayson’s treasurer.
Incidentally, those who know Junior Young, and have trusted him over the long years he’s served, may appreciate that Junior has strongly endorsed Kelly Haga to replace him.
It’s certain Kelly is someone who can enhance Junior’s great legacy and continue to offer positive, creative leadership as Grayson County’s treasurer.
Kim W. Baughman
Comers Rock

Editor’s note: As a general point of clarification, the elected post of treasurer was created in the Virginia Constitution of 1870. A county treasurer has independent status as an elected official and reports to no other person — only to the voters of the locality.